Izmit's tram from Bursa Durmazlar company will make

Izmit's tram from Bursa Durmazlar Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Izmit, Sekapark and the bus station will run on the route between the tram order for the cab has opened.

The Metropolitan Municipality opened a tender for the 12 tram system to be operated on the Izmit line. The tender was carried out by the commission headed by Ahmet Çelebi, Head of the Rail Systems Branch, in the Greater Tender Hall. Adapazarı Hyundai Roıtem company thank you, did not bid for the tender learned.

It produces the cabin of the railway systems in Turkey, which is one of the rare companies based in Bursa Durmazlar Machinery Industry company 19 million 740 thousand euros (today's exchange rate 57 million 640 thousand TL) has offered. The tender was completed only with this proposal. The commission will decide after reviewing the files. However, under these conditions, 12 Durmazlar The company is expected to take over.

According to the specification, after the tender is finalized Durmazlar will deliver the first tram car in the 12 month. 17 The entire 12 cabin must be delivered by the end of the month. 28-33 meters will be produced for the metropolitan municipality. Each cabin requires at least 100 security cameras. After the delivery of the tram cabins, the necessary spare parts will be supplied from the company if needed. Izmit tram cabins will be produced for 4 meters width and height 2.65 meters.

Metropolitan Municipality, Sekapark-Otogar between the construction of the tram line has done the tender. The construction of the tram line and the demolition of expropriated buildings on the route are expected to start at the beginning of next month.



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