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Chinese trains in Macedonia

Chinese trains in Macedonia: Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., a subsidiary of the Chinese firm CRRC. Introduced the trains they produced to export to Europe. Macedonian transport and communications Minister Vlado Misajlovski [more…]

Intercity Railways

Injured Level Crossing In Malatyas 2 Injured

Accident at Level Crossing in Malatya 2 Injured: 2 people in the car crashed by the train at the level crossing in Malatya were injured. Details from the accident site- Images of the accident car and train Accident at the level crossing in Malatya: 2 injured- Train [more…]


Percentage of 50 of Rail between Gar-tekkeköy

50 Percent of the Rail System Between Gar-tekkeköy Ok: Deputy General Secretary of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Yurt said that they have completed the 50 percent of the rail system project between the railway station and Tekkeköy. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General [more…]