213 Algeria

Algeria's Constantine Urban Tram Line Expands

Algeria's Constantine City Tram Line Expands: A new agreement has been signed to extend the tram line of the Algerian city of Constantine. With the statement made on July 30, the construction of the line was done by Alstom, Corsan, Corviam and Consider companies. [more…]

Halkalı Edirne High Speed ​​Line Route
22 Edirne

Halkalı Kapıkule Railway Line Awaiting Approval

Halkalı Kapikule Railway Line is awaiting approval: The total length is determined as 229 kilometers Halkalı-Kapıkule Railway Line is waiting for approval from the ministry. Istanbul Halkalı Starting from the station and ending at Edirne Kapikule Station Halkalı-Kapıkule Railway Line [more…]

86 China

Chinese railroad

China aspires to railway and nuclear: President Erdoğan said that China aspires to the 3rd nuclear power plant and 10 railway projects. Erdogan said, “They want Kars-Edirne. If this happens, it is possible to connect Beijing to London, which also concerns Marmaray. [more…]

06 Ankara

Woman died under the train

The woman who was under the train died: A woman who wanted to cross the level crossing in Elmadağ died by being under the train. According to the information received, Gülşen İnan, who works as a cafeteria officer at the ROKETSAN factory, [more…]


Tender Preparation for Light Rail System

Tender Preparation for Konyaya Light Rail System: Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, a study for the light rail system in Konya, which will consist of 44,6 main lines (campus and ring lines) with a total length of 2 kilometers. [more…]

06 Ankara

Company of the year Bozankaya

Bozankaya company of the year: Frost & Sullivan, Bozankayarewarded its success in rail systems and trambus production. BozankayaHe was chosen as domestic e-bus and the first domestic manufacturer in Turkey TRAMBUS as company of the year in Europe. [more…]


TCDD staff opened fire 1 dead

TCDD personnel were shot at. 1 dead: After the terrorist attack on the freight train in Sarıkamış, a railway worker died and a village guard was injured in the fire opened on the officials who repaired the rails. Sarikamis of Kars [more…]

Intercity Railways

Bomb attack in Elazığ

Bomb attack on the train in Elazig: PKK terrorists detonated the bomb they laid on the rails while the mail train making the Haydarpasa-Iran expedition was on the Elazig-Bingöl road. It was stated that there were no casualties or injuries in the attack that caused damage. The incident took place in Palu, Elazig. [more…]

966 Saudi Arabia

Pandrol CDM Track Saudi Arabia

Pandrol CDM Track in Saudi Arabia: Pandrol CDM Track, a subsidiary of Pandrol Track Systems, was selected for the construction of the Haramain high-speed rail line in Saudi Arabia. Haramain word two holy cities (Mecca-Medina) [more…]

213 Algeria

Alstom Trains in Algeria

Alstom Trains in Algeria: Algerian Railways (SNTF) and Alstom company have agreed to purchase 17 Coradia Polyvalent electrodiesel trains. The cost of the agreement made on 29 July was announced as 200 million Euros. Delivery of trains [more…]

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966 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian New Locomotives Coming

New Locomotives Coming to Saudi Arabia: The first two of the 8 diesel locomotives ordered by Saudi Arabian railways to the CRRC company were introduced. The locomotives, which were introduced at the Qishuyan factory of the Chinese company CRRC, were launched in August. [more…]

86 China

Crazy offer for mega projects

Crazy offer for mega projects: Turkey's mega projects marked President Erdogan's visit to China. Chinese companies submitted offers to many projects, especially KanalIstanbul, at half the price of their global competitors. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobüste live bomb alarm

Live bomb alarm on Metrobus: A bomb threat was issued at the Okmeydanı stop on the Zincirlikuyu-Avcılar metrobus route in Istanbul. The police stopped the metrobus and searched. A search was made at the Okmeydanı metrobus stop in ISTANBUL after a live bomb threat. [more…]

conference car

Conference Car

Conference Wagon: TCDD, the address of trust and comfort since its foundation, offers a special service to our industrialists and businessmen with Conference Wagon. This wagon will meet all your business needs [more…]

16 Bursa

Burulaş Expands Transportation Fleet

Burulaş Expands its Transportation Fleet: Metropolitan Municipality, which repeats its rail system vehicle fleet with 60 new wagon and 12 new tram, and resets the average age of buses that are 24 with the newly purchased 26 bus. [more…]

34 Spain

Barcelona Suburb Expands

Barcelona Suburbs Expanded: With the opening ceremony held by the Catalonia regional rail operator FGC, the Barcelona suburb additional line was put into service. The rail width of the line, which is 4 km in length, was made as 1435 mm. of Barcelona [more…]

49 Germany

Refurbishing Trams in Bochum-Gelsenkirchen in Germany

Renovation of Bochum-Gelsenkirchen Tramways in Germany: In Germany, Bochum-Gelsenkirchen tram operator Bogestra and Stadler company agreed on every issue for the tram order. According to the agreement made, Bogestra purchased 42 low-speed trains from the Stadiums to be used on the lines it is responsible for. [more…]