Here; Trams run between Alaeddin-Courthouse

Request; Trams to run between Alaeddin and Courthouse: Konya continues to receive the biggest investment in transportation in recent years… Two of the latest model trams to be run between Alaeddin and Courthouse have arrived in Konya. Produced in the Czech Republic to be operated between Alaeddin-Adliye [more…]

16 Bursa

Description of the hike in Burulaştan

Burulaştan hike explanation: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's transportation company Burulaş made a statement about the hike in urban public transportation vehicles. Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy stated that the basic cost elements of transportation vehicles are fuel, spare [more…]


Rail System Trabzona Must

Rail System to Trabzon Condition: The transportation problem, which is among the biggest problems of Trabzon, remains on the agenda. Although the applications made so far have provided comfort to a certain extent for Trabzon transportation, they have not provided sufficient solutions. [more…]

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Orders Stopped In Car

Orders stopped in the wagon: Delayed regulation has exhausted prospects. 25 declined by rail transports Logistics companies, which ordered thousands of wagons, said taş rail transport is opening up to the private sector, [more…]