512 thousand people used Marmaray during the holiday

512 thousand people used Marmaray for the holiday: 512 thousand 383 people were transported during the Ramadan Feast in Marmaray, which connects Europe and Asia under the sea.

In Marmaray, which connects Europe and Asia under the sea, 4 thousand 904 people traveled in 512 voyages in 383 days, including the Ramadan Holiday.

According to the information AA correspondent received from TCDD General Directorate officials, 16 flights were made in Marmaray during the holiday, which started on Thursday, July 19 and ended on Sunday, July 904. 512 thousand 383 passengers traveled on these flights. 48 percent of the passengers boarded from the Anatolian side and 52 percent from the European side.

  • Fast train 67 used thousand passengers

Citizens also showed great interest in high-speed trains (YHT) on July 16-19. During the same period, 4 thousand 164 passengers traveled on 67 flights on 453 different YHT lines.

52 thousand 28 passengers were transported on the 999 YHT flights on the Ankara-Istanbul line on holiday. 40 thousand 12 passengers traveled on the 257 YHT flight between Ankara and Eskişehir. While 56 flights were organized on the Ankara-Konya line, 18 thousand 42 passengers used the YHT. The number of passengers traveling in 16 flights on the Konya-Istanbul route reached 8 thousand 155 people.

The 238 thousand 337 people traveled in outline and regional expressions operated by TCDD.

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