34 Istanbul

Metrobus road asphalt refreshing

Metrobus road asphalt is being renewed: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is changing the metrobus asphalt to increase driving comfort and provide more comfortable driving. Four stages of renovation work 26 July Sunday night [more…]

06 Ankara

Button pressed for Ayaş Tunnel

The button was pressed for the Ayaş Tunnel: The mayors of the 4 districts of Ankara, Ayaş, Güdül, Beypazarı and Nallıhan, took action for the Ayaş Tunnel, the construction of which was started in the 70s and could not be completed. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Gebze-Pendik commuter line opens to the end of this year

The Gebze-Pendik suburban line opens at the end of this year: Anatolian side suburban flights, which have not been carried out since 2103 within the scope of the high speed train project, are finally starting. from Gebze HalkalıThe project where uninterrupted rail transportation will be made until [more…]

420 Czech Republic

Speed ​​Train Hit In The Czech Republic

High Speed ​​Train Hit Truck in Czech Republic: Two people lost their lives when a high-speed train hit a truck at a level crossing in the east of the Czech Republic. Railway Control Board SözcüMartin Drapal said in the morning Studenka [more…]

09 Aydin

Nazillide train crash 1 dead

Nazillide train accident 1 dead: A woman in Nazilli district of Aydın died after being dragged for meters. The accident occurred near the Dallica neighborhood. Within the TCDD Regional Directorate officials [more…]