Kocaeli tram car purchase tender was held

Kocaeli tram car auction tender was held: tender for 12 tram to be taken by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Rail Systems Branch Directorate procured tram purchase tender. 61 million 105 thousand TL 2 company participated in the tender, which is estimated cost. Hyundai Eurotem Railway Vehicles Inc. while giving a letter of thanks Durmazlar Machinery Industry and Trade. Inc. 19 million 740 has offered thousand euros. The winning contractor is required to deliver 12 vehicles, 1 vehicles in 14 month, 2 vehicles in 15 month, 3 vehicle in 16 month, 3 vehicle in 17 month and 3 vehicle in 12 month.

The contractor firm that will win the tender must submit the work program within 15 days from the date of the contract and submit it to the approval of the Metropolitan Municipality. The work program to be prepared by the contractor company, based on the technical specification of the tram; general design, detail project, all production, assembly, testing and delivery processes and the contract is required to include the cash flow program.

The low-floor tram 28-33 will be meters long and 2,45-2,65 meters wide. The 250-300 passenger will be able to accommodate two attached doors and four double doors with landing and boarding gates in both directions of the trolley. The tram, which will be found in the driver's cab from both sides, can be driven from both sides. The maximum operating speed will be 70 km / h and the average operating speed will be 20 km / h.

As a condition of participation from companies participating in the tender, as a condition of participation, it is stipulated that they should have provided any of the tramway, light rail or subway vehicles to the public or private sector as well as documents such as Domestic Goods Certificate or Technological Product Experience Certificate, Production Qualification Certificate, Capacity Report. All the domestic and foreign firms can participate in the tender, while the tenderer who offers the domestic goods will have a price advantage at the rate of 15 in the whole of the tender.

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