Asphalt News

Gercüş Municipality Starts Asphalt Works

Gercüş Municipality Started Asphalt Works: In the asphalt works initiated in Batman's Gercüş district center, it was stated that a total of 9,5 kilometers of road will be asphalt this year. It was stated that in the asphalt works initiated in Batman's Gercüş district center, a total of 9,5 kilometers of road will be asphalted this year. [more…]


Road Network Expands in the Army

Road Network Expands in the Army: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which mobilizes its teams all over Ordu, continues its road works uninterruptedly. Metropolitan carries out its services within the scope of work planning consisting of 4 regions in total, road maintenance and [more…]

Intercity Railways

1 dead, 15 injured (Video)

Freight train hit the student service 1 dead, 15 injured: A 5-year-old child died in the student bus at the level crossing in Konya's Akşehir district, an old woman and 14 students were injured. Flight number 73388 used by Hasan K [more…]

79 Kilis

Asphalt Works from the Municipality of Kilis

Asphalt Studies from the Municipality of Kilis: Asphalt works were carried out by Kilis Municipality while the asphalt works in front of Salihağa Çeşmesi Street and Kemaliye Primary School were completed. Asphalt works by Kilis Municipality without slowing down, Salihağa Fountain Street and Kemaliye [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt mobilization in payroll

Asphalt mobilization in Payallar: Alanya Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs initiates asphalt mobilization in Payallar District. The streets and streets to be paved with asphalt were determined in Payallar District and the works started. On the list, Günay Demirel Street, around the wedding hall, Kale Street, [more…]

10 Balikesir

Seaplane flights between Bandirma and Istanbul started (Photo Gallery)

Seaplane flights started between Bandırma and Istanbul: Burulaş, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, added Bandırma to its seaplane flights that it started last year from Gemlik District. The Istanbul Golden Horn, which was planned to start on June 15, but could not be carried out due to the prolongation of bureaucratic procedures [more…]

34 Istanbul

Horrible Accident in Istanbul Subway (Video-Photo Gallery)

Terrible Accident in Istanbul Metro: An incredible accident occurred on the Sanayi Mahallesi-Seyrantepe metro line. The piece of iron that pierced the front wagon of the subway was stuck in the passenger. This morning, an accident occurred on the Sanayi Mahallesi - Seyrantepe line. Piercing the subway's front wagon [more…]

06 Ankara

Feast has run out of tickets on high-speed trains

The holiday has come, tickets are sold out on high-speed trains: It was reported that tickets on YHT flights were sold out on 2-3 October and 7-8 October due to the Eid al-Adha. In the few days before the Feast of Sacrifice, the High Speed ​​Train (YHT), which is the main transportation choice of the citizens, [more…]

06 Ankara

Why does the morning train stop in Izmit

Why did the morning train stop in Izmit: We had waited too long, we were very hopeful, but Izmit is still experiencing great dreaminess. 3 for years due to the work of the high-speed train line was without trimming. There are no trains used by thousands of people a day. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus did not come citizen action left

Metrobus did not come and the citizen took action: When the metrobus did not come between Istanbul Avcılar Türksan stop for 45 minutes, thousands of people walked to the Avcılar Campus stop. Traveling by metrobus in Istanbul has become a torment for citizens. With the change of metrobus lines, in Beylikdüzü [more…]


Antakya-İskenderun Highway Closed From Mud

Antakya-Iskenderun Highway Closed from the Slime: While heavy downpours were effective in Hatay, the Antakya-Iskenderun highway, which was covered with mud brought by the flood waters from the Amanos Mountains, was closed to traffic. While heavy downpours were effective in Hatay, the flood waters coming from Amanos Mountains were dragged by [more…]


Bayram traffic circular published

The circular of traffic was published: Interior Minister Efkan Ala issued a circular on traffic measures to be taken during the Feast of the Sacrifice. It is stated that traffic intensity increases during the holiday holidays and consequently there is a serious traffic accident. [more…]


Invitations to Accidents

Investigation on Mavişehir Road Receiving Invitations to the Accidents: Didim Mayor A. Deniz Atabay and his delegation made observations on Mavişehir road with Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, 2nd Regional Director of Highways. Our district, Didim, which is under the responsibility of highways, [more…]


Bridge over the river

Bridge pain in Kağızman Çallı Bayam Village: The bridge that provided the transportation of Çallı Bayam village of Kağızman district of Kars 2 years ago was in danger of collapse due to flood and the new bridge was not built, the villagers as well as the primary school students [more…]


New Ring Road is very important for Konya

The New Ring Road is very important for Konya: KSO President, TOBB Board Member Memiş Kütükcü, Prime Minister. Dr. With the participation of Ahmet Davutoğlu, the foundation of the New Ring Road is very important for Konya, with the development of the city's logistics channels. [more…]


Will the cadre workers work on highways?

Will the subcontracted workers working on the highways be staffed: Will there be a "cadre" whose answer is eagerly awaited by thousands of subcontracted workers? There are some developments about the question. Subcontracted workers want to work under better conditions as permanent staff, but it is still clear [more…]

35 Izmir

Izmir Alsancak Port berth tender is done tomorrow

İzmir Alsancak Port dock tender is being held tomorrow: The dock tender for which Ro-Ro ships will be able to dock at İzmir Alsancak Port will be held tomorrow at TCDD İzmir Alsancak Port Operation Directorate. Dock opened for Ro-Ro ships to dock at İzmir Alsancak Port [more…]