Antakya-İskenderun Highway Closed From Mud

Antakya-Iskenderun Highway Closed from Balchik: Hatay, heavy rains were effective, while the floods from the Amanos Mountains by dragging the flooded Antakya-Iskenderun highway closed to traffic.
Antakya-Iskenderun highway covered with floods from the flood waters coming from the Amanos Mountains was closed. Those who were stranded in the slime were rescued by the teams of Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Team and Hatay AFAD.
Due to the effect of heavy rainfall in Hatay since yesterday evening Antakya-Iskenderun highway 25'den Bakras Quarter of the road at the crossroads, flooded by the flood waters of the Amanos Mountains covered the road transportation. While the 3 was passing through the slime in the road, Metropolitan Fire brigade crews, AFAD teams and farmers in the area were rescued.
Vehicles slowed into the slime became unusable. During the 2 hour, transportation on the Antakya-Iskenderun roadway was provided one way and long vehicle queues were formed. While the studies are in progress, transportation on the road has been started to be controlled in two ways.


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