New Ring Road is very important for Konya

The New Ring Road is very important for Konya: KSO President, TOBB Board Member Memiş Kütükcü, Prime Minister. Dr. Ahmet Davutoğlu'nun laid the foundation of the New Environment Road is very important for Konya, the city's logistics channels with the development of investment criteria, he drew attention.
Konya Chamber of Industry ordinary meeting of September was held.
councilors at the meeting room activities and informed on the developments in Konya Organized Industrial Zone KSO President of TOBB Board Member Memiş Kütükçü, Konya industrial production and exports to Turkey stressed that promise.
Kütükcü, also recently Prime Minister. Dr. Ahmet Davutoğlu'nun laid the foundation of the New Environment Road is very important for Konya, Konya's logistics channels with the development of investment criteria, he drew attention to the rise.
Konya Chamber of Industry (KSO) September meeting of the Board of Sworn Financial Advisors Ali Yerli and Konya Public Hospitals Union Secretary General Operator Gökhan Darmaz was guest.
While explaining the laws and the innovations brought by the local, the members of the Assembly, the Operator Gökhan Darılmaz, industrialists, Meram Training and Research Hospital planned to support the Burn Therapy Center was requested.
Happy Turkey will continue the march
KSO September parliamentary meeting started with the speech of President Memiş Kütükcü. Turkey promised that the production and export of Konya industry Kütükçü President underlined in his speech, "Konya in Turkey industrialists to bring their target we pledge to work day and night," he said. "This country is blessed march Dear will continue in an uninterrupted manner under the leadership of Prime Minister Davutoglu," said Kütükçü, a survivor of the burden of Turkey, to where it deserves to continue to get rid of this burden, he said that surely will get.
Even the nose of the 46 citizen in Iraq, the people of this country to be rid of bleeding is extremely happy, he noted that Kütükcü, did not happen again in such events.
After his speech, Kütükcü informed the members of the chamber about the activities of the chamber and the developments in the Konya Organized Industrial Zone.
Bag of law, no amnesty to tax origin
Mr. Ali Yerli, Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant, who was a guest of the Konya Chamber of Industry, informed the members of the council about the law. Bag says that the law is not an amnesty Law, olmad There is no amnesty to the original tax. Only irregularities are reduced to half. Other than that, the tax actually doesn't have a discount. There is a discount on the penalty. In interest rates, the higher the delay hike and interest, instead of inflation, a price to be paid. This includes interest unpaid by 30 April 2014. All kinds of tax will be included in this scope. The only thing that is not covered is the penalties given by the courts and giving an amnesty Kapsama.
Explaining that the law brings some arrangements in employer contractor relations, tarafından If the real employer employs a subcontractor, he has to find out whether the subcontractor is paying the workers' wages paid and has to guarantee them. The law gives the main employer responsibility for whether salaries are paid or not. In addition, the employer's permissions are used to be controlled by the principal employer. Kullanıl
Indigenous, business law, social security legislation, Turkish Trade Code to Customs Taxes on many issues about the new regulations by giving detailed information about the law, answered the questions of industrialists.
Burn treatment center in Konya
Konya Public Hospitals Association Secretary General Op. Dr. Gokhan Darılmaz, Public Hospitals Union and activities by providing information, planned to be done Meram Training and Research Hospital for the burn treatment center asked industrialists.
An If we can establish this center in Konya, we will have completed a significant lack of both, and Konya will be able to provide a burn treatment center to Konya. Antalya, Isparta, Afyon, Karaman, will be able to serve in cities such as Niğde. Patients from nearby countries can also come to this center. Ayrıca

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