Seaplane flights between Bandirma and Istanbul started (Photo Gallery)

Seafreight flights between Bandirma and Istanbul began: Burulaş, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, added Bandırma to the seaplane flights which were started last year from Gemlik District. The first of the flights between Istanbul Haliç and Bandırma, which were planned to start in June but could not be carried out due to the prolonged bureaucratic procedures, was held this morning. The leader of the Bandırma Chamber of Commerce, Mehmet Kılkışlı, was the first passenger of the plane.

Chamber President Mehmet Kılkışlı said that they wanted to make transportation to Istanbul easier from Bandırma, which has come to the forefront with industrial investments in recent years. Kılkışlı said:

Deniz The seaplane belonging to Burulaş, which continues Istanbul flights from Gemlik District of Bursa, departed from Istanbul Golden Horn and carried out its first expedition in 35 minutes. The flights were originally scheduled to start on 15 June 2014. However, for bureaucratic reasons, the seaplane flights between Bandirma and Istanbul fell to the date of 29 September 2014.

Kılkışlı said that the capacity of the seaplane is 8, and that between the days of Bandırma and İstanbul the 35 will fall to the minute.

The seaplane will depart from Bandırma at 10.00 and 17.00 every day, and at 09.00 and 16.35 at Istanbul. 150 lira ticket price, according to the agreement made with Burulaş Bandırma Chamber of Commerce members will be applied to the discount 15.


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