Why does the morning train stop in Izmit

Why did the morning train stop in Izmit: We had waited too long, we were very hopeful, but Izmit is still experiencing great dreaminess. 3 for years due to the work of the high-speed train line was without trimming. When there were no trains used by thousands of people a day, we suffered a lot.

The high-speed train line was completed with great hopes, but again we were the most victims. When the suburban lines are not opened, the grievance of the İzmit residents continues. Citizens who want to go to school, the bus to the bus again and must travel to jammed. It is not clear when suburban lines will be operational again. This city definitely needs a suburban train between Istanbul and Adapazari. According to the latest rumors, passenger trains will carry cargo cargoes instead of suburban trains allegedly work.

Between Istanbul and Ankara, there is a daily 7 high speed train. From Istanbul to Istanbul, 11.52, 14.55, 17.40, 20.42'de Fast Train departs. From Ankara to Izmit, trains are moving at 08.24, 11.26, 14.14 and 16.54. 7 from the 5 train to Ankara, 7 from the 5, which is in the direction of Istanbul, stands at Izmit Station, and it takes passengers and downloads. There is a YHT in Ankara that departs from 06.00 in the morning and passes through Izmit at the time 08.00. It does not stop in Izmit. There is also the last train departing from Ankara at 19.00 in the evening. This train goes to Istanbul at 21.00 ranks continuously in Izmit.

The first train that departs from Istanbul at 06.15 in the morning is 07.00. Moving from Istanbul to 19.10, the last train goes to 20.00 at Izmit Station. Compared to the 5 train during the day, the first and last trains are much more important this morning. Universities opened. There are students going from Izmit to Istanbul and from Istanbul to Izmit. Going to school early in the morning, the last train in the evening to return home is very important. YHTs between Istanbul and Ankara are all located in Eskişehir. But in Izmit, 14 stands for 10. Citizens want to stop all flights at Izmit Station.


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