Bayram traffic circular published

The circular of traffic was published: Interior Minister Efkan Ala issued a circular on traffic measures to be taken during the Feast of the Sacrifice.
It was stated that traffic intensity increased during the holiday holidays and consequently there were serious traffic accidents. In the circular, additional measures were taken in order to ensure that the citizens spend the holiday in peace and security.
In recent years, increased the number of accidents involving intercity passenger transportation buses, the passenger bus control was asked to give weight.
According to the circular, the permission of all personnel in traffic services will be canceled and if necessary, general service personnel will be used in traffic services.
Personnel in office services in the traffic branches will be assigned as reinforcements to the teams that are in charge of traffic control, the number of teams will be increased and stationary teams will be deployed at important intersections, passages and routes.
Officers, disguise and clothes and team tools will be cared for and clean, will be respectful to the drivers are addressed.
All policemen will be penalized
In addition to the traffic policemen, general service policemen will be more vulnerable to traffic violations during the holidays and will hand over the minutes they have prepared for the violations.
Especially on the beginning and ending days of the holiday due to the effects of congestion on the roads to be taken the necessary measures will be taken, where additional teams will be intervened, if necessary, the traffic will be intervened in the traffic.
On the main roads, the Regional Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate or the station offices will be kept ready for the rescue and rescue service in order to open the road that is closed as a result of a traffic accident as soon as possible.
Overspeed and incorrect overtaking
Circumstances of the major part of the accidents occurred during the holidays, such as speed violations, incorrect overtaking, close follow-up, fatigue, violation of the working and rest period stated that due to reasons such as the circular, the authorities were asked to focus on the control of these violations.
According to the circular, radar speed detectors will continue their inspections on the roads and roads and time zones where speed violations and accidents are concentrated, especially on highways and divided highways. In cases where vehicle stopping is not possible or poses a risk, inspections shall be imposed according to the registration plate of the vehicles that violate the vehicle without holding a translation team.
Drivers, fatigue, insomnia or duration of violation of the drivers identified, traffic organizations will be told to relax. Commercial vehicle drivers who violate working and rest periods will not be allowed to drive.
Simple technical inspections of the vehicles that have been stopped for inspection will also be carried out, and the drivers and passengers will be checked for seat belts. We will focus on inspections for vehicles' light equipment.
Civil notification controls
If heavy traffic is required, heavy tonnage vehicles will be kept in suitable places until the traffic returns to normal conditions.
A part of the staff and staff in traffic control services will be assigned to “civilian inspections”. These teams will detect faulty overtaking, close tracking, light violation, seat belt violation and drivers who use mobile phones while driving, and enforce penalties.
The teams will not be separated from the responsibility areas, the drivers will be able to see easily in the 90 degree angle, the night will be open at night.
City Security Management System (MOBESE) and Traffic Electronic Control System (TEDES) installed in the provinces, these systems will be used actively during the holidays and these units will have enough staff.
Measures will be taken to regulate the traffic around the cemeteries and shopping centers, which are visited extensively by the citizens on the eve and holiday days.
Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch teams will carry out inspections and operations on non-standard fuel such as 10 oil in public transport. The non-standard fuel users will also be investigated for judicial proceedings.
Measures to be taken at terminals
Tachographs of all buses, driver's alcohol status, transport authorization documents, compulsory liability and mandatory personal accident seat insurance, driver's driver's license and vehicle inspection status will be checked carefully. Buses to and from the intercity bus will not be allowed outside the terminal or allowed places.
Airborne helicopters will be monitored and inspected in Ankara, Adana, Antalya, Diyarbakır, Istanbul and Izmir to control road traffic, to report vehicles and drivers with misbehavior to traffic control teams and to take additional measures on highways when necessary.
Traffic personnel will not be assigned to other programs such as matches, concerts and meetings during the festival, and there will be no restriction on fuel.
Audio and visual broadcasts for traffic safety will be provided at the recreational facilities on the highways where the road users intensively take a break.
The public will be informed about the weather, road and traffic conditions affecting traffic safety and ensure that citizens are cautious.

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