34 Istanbul

Women's act of pink metrobus

Pink metrobus action from women: Saadet Party Istanbul Women's Branch members took action on the metrobus line with the demand of launching the "pink metrobus" application that only women will use. President of Tayyip Erdogan [more…]


Cheap fuel to metrobus

Inexpensive fuel to Metrobus: In the research published by the Ministry of Development, suggestions for the citizens who use their private vehicles a lot for the relief of urban transportation, and to pay a fee for those who enter the city with their additional tax and vehicle. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Hospice Metrobus Overpass Renewed

Darülaceze Metrobus Overpass Renewed: The Darülaceze (Per-Pa) metrobus stop overpass renovation has been completed. Relaxing in the overpass, relieving pedestrian and disabled citizens to reach the metrobus [more…]