Gercüş Municipality Starts Asphalt Works

Gercüş Municipality Asphalt Works Started: Batman Gercüş asphalt works started in the town center asphalted in total 9,5 kilometer road this year said.
In this year, the total 9,5 kilometers of asphalt road will be asphalted.
Mayor Abdulkerim Kaya, who examined the asphalting works on the spot, said that as far as the economic situation of the municipality allows asphalting the roads taken into the program this year. Kaya said, “Our asphalt works started in the district center will be paved with a total 9,5 kilometer road route.”
Stating that they believe they will overcome economic difficulties, Kaya, asphalted roads next year to determine the priority of the asphalted roads will not work, he said.


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