Silkworm Tram in Izmir Tender Kazanbut he lost the job!


Silkworm tram Izmir is in the tender kazanbut lost the job: The readers of these columns will remember… İzmir Metropolitan Municipality opened an international tender for the 22-kilometer tram line. 15 world giant consortiums, including very ambitious wagon manufacturers, participated in the tender.


Gülermak company's Silkworm tools by proposing the tender kazanWe announced in these columns on February 28, 2014, with the title “The pride of Altepe: Silkworm will roam the streets of İzmir”.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu's statement to Yalçın Bayere from Hürriyet Newspaper “Bursa's Silkworm has become an important item of the election in İzmir!” We announced it on March 18, 2014 with the title. Kocaoğlu had said the following:

“As with our ferries and our digger ship, a Turkish firm in Bursa also awarded the tender for the tram pullers. kazanwas. From now on, our municipalities that make trams will buy tram pullers from a local company. That industrialist will develop. Thus, technology will develop in Turkey and foreign dependency will be removed.”

Come see Gelin

Contractor Gülermak awarded the tender with İpekworm kazanDespite the agreement, he informed the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality that Rotem company will use Hyundai vehicles instead of Silkworm at the contract stage. He also agreed.

Selection kazanNo one could understand why Hyundai, which has never produced a tram, was preferred instead of the Silkworm tram, which was Kocaoğlu's trump card.

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  1. If a country does not have a defined and definite LOCAL STRATEGY, this is the result.
    Let's remember; We put orange, apple, pomegranate… fruits on our desks with the saying “Domestic goods, local goods, every Turk should use it”, and we grew up with these words… But even the pens we wrote on were imported products with the words “Bohemia - Made in Chekoslavakia” ... 70 ' In the years we were in discussions about whether to install General-Dynamics' F16 or have wooden wings, but let's make it 100% local. We received calendars and agendas in the Korean pavilion at the Izmir International Fair in the 60's. It was full of agricultural fields, textile factories and pictures of row and row sewing machines, porcelain factory, fruits, vegetables and fisheries. We envied, but we could not understand, could not grasp. Because we were ahead of Korea. At the end of the 60's, size and size VOLVO prospects were distributed and OYAK was supposed to produce. Then for some reason production started with RENAULT. From where to where… Boycott and lockouts everywhere in the 70s, queues for cigarettes, kerosene, sugar, everything that comes to mind… We could not understand, we could not grasp…
    But in the 80 years ago we first met with Japanese passenger cars. With an unmistakable arrogance and humbleness, we said "awesome copies." It's like 2. In the first World War, the first aircraft carrier was used in the war, the marsis who bombed Pearlhoubour, Then we met Korean vehicles. First we mocked, we underestimated, because it was based on the Ford Escort and the other on the GM-Opel Kadet basis. HYUNDAI couldn't recognize that it opened the Design-Studio in California and Frankfurt, swallowed the KIA that was in trouble, invested in billions of dollars for R & D centers, couldn't understand it, couldn't understand it. Many brands in Europe (eg, VOLVO, SAAB, ROVER, VER) have been sold, we have not been able to detect, understand. Only the BRAND value is more important than the complete company value, never knowHow source, but never grasped lay We just watched, why most of the Chinese companies were not able to perceive at all, why we did not read that ALPHA ALPHA traders from VAX, we have not read, we didn't even think because we didn't understand, we didn't understand ık
    Because we had so-called wishes, but we had strate what our honest dream, our vision, our strategy, our mission Çünkü. We only had a full-fledged oriental / song entrepreneurship and a wild dynamism!

  2. Because we had so-called wishes, but we had strate what our honest dream, our vision, our strategy, our mission Çünkü. We only had a full-fledged oriental / song entrepreneurship and a wild dynamism!
    The truth is that; Our train project, such as national YHT / ÇYHT etc. but there is no substructure required yet! Although the test center of the Eskişehir group will be delayed, it is very accurate and important. What are we going to do for those who want to upgrade? For example; if we are to develop a new Boji by accident, if we live our lives fa Why? Perhaps to make it easier to save on operating costs. An example? The project OT HEMBOT proj (High Efficiency Engine Bogie for Modern Train), headed by Ansaldo-Breda (It) An
    Will we also send them to European countries for qualifications, eg LbF-Darmstadt. Because there is not even one railway wheel and bogie test unit in our country yet. Let alone that, there are 300 of our country's total of various dynamic pulsers that are> 30 in LBF institute alone? Is there an organization on this subject? There are 4 Universities in China that focus solely on railway systems and transportation. In Europe, there are universities and institutes that have expertise and faculties in transportation, guideway systems. What about us?
    You have given comparisons not only to create frustration, but to show only your shortcomings! So we have a long way to go. It is imperative that we set out at the moment, make a perfect plan and strategy, and that we should proceed with urgency and in the past. For this purpose VAKİT; Kibiri, bigotry, ignorance mak leaving aside, to create a branch union, with the unity of the next decade to run! Unutmayalımki; they are more passive, more ignorant, more backward, more daring than us! But we are more stupid, more incompetent, more entrepreneurial, more knowledgeable ard we are not! Then where are we missing ?????