Istanbul-Izmir Highway will crush the village

Istanbul-Izmir Motorway will crush the village: It is not the only problem at the head of Yırca villagers who are on hand to enter the land with bulldozers and the olives are taken to the land before the end of the litigation process.
For the thermal power plant, the olive groves of the 490 acres of olive groves are on the agenda and one of them will be on the Istanbul Izmir highway. Muhtar Mustafa Akin, the highway will pass through the village immediately, the road expropriation 1500 acres of land will go to hand, it will be affected by at least 500 households, he says. However, such expropriation as the expropriation thermal power plant does not expropriate, but the normal expropriation, including negotiation.
Motorway between Istanbul and 3,5 will be reduced to 433 hours. The motorway project with a total length of XNUMX is connected with Otyol-Özaltın-Makyol-Astaldi-Göçay Construction Joint Venture. (OYİAŞ) consortium.
Although there are very fertile agricultural areas, forests, cultural and archaeological and natural sites, biological riches and wetlands on the highway route, the project, which is excluded from the Environmental Impact Assessment scope, also disrupts people's lives wherever it passes. The highway, which is the subject of dozens of lawsuits, continues to advance without knowing anything, as Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Transport at the time, said. The highway passing right at the bottom of the village in Yırca is expected like a heyula. The expropriation negotiations have reached Savaştepe. It is near to find themselves.
'If there is, let's give the rest of the company to them!'
Stating that the lands that will go to the highway expropriation are olive groves, Muhtar stated that the village will not have agricultural land from now on, and that the remaining part will remain adjacent to the forest, and said, 'If there is a company, let's give it to them!' says.
The whole livelihood of the village, which continues its livelihood with olive cultivation, is thus eliminated. These lands, which are valued as 6, 7 thousand liras per acre in urgent expropriation, are the means of livelihood for generations of villagers. These people, who are self-sufficient with their production, rightly said, 'Our milk cow is leaving, I will harvest the money they give in three years at most. What will happen next, what will we do? '
In the expropriation of the Istanbul Izmir motorway, not only the farmland but also the house of the villager 4 will go. One of them, Mustafa Sezer, thermal power plant rush expropriation of olive groves, the highway in the expropriation of the house of the land, warehouses are losing. There's not even a standing tree.
Mustafa Sezer said, 'I am 65 years old, I have been dealing with this land for as long as I can remember. I gave my life to him. We used to be a tobacco business, they finished it. We switched to olives, now they take it from our hands. I built this part of the house with tobacco, and the warehouses were made with olive cultivation. At this age, they will demolish my house, saying that I will be able to relax. Let's say it passed me, what about these children, grandchildren? I cannot leave anything to them. What will happen to them? ' she asks. At a time when Mustafa Sezer will reap the harvest of his suffering life, the soil slips from under his feet. Being homeless at the age of 65 gnaws at your soul. Passing through fertile farmland along the motorway route, it leaves thousands of villagers without hands. The policy, which considers building huge roads that destroy both nature and socio-economic structure and enriching the construction barons as development, continues at full speed wherever it replaces the rail and sea routes, which are environmentally friendly and less costly.
Let's hope that when the highway is over, they will pay 35 dollars and pass over it, think of the Yalovalı, Bursalı, Manisalı, Kemalpaşalı Mustafa Sezer who are under that road.

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