Zero Asphalt Work on the Way to Halıcılar Site from Şehitkamilden

Şehitkamilden Halıcılar Site Trip Zero Asphalt Work: Şehitkamil Municipality, Halıcılar Sitesi missing places, road opening and zero asphalt work started.
Şehitkamil Municipality started road works and zero asphalt works in places that were found to be missing in Halicilar Sitesi. Satisfied with the work, the tradesmen thanked Mayor Fadıloğlu.
The teams affiliated to the Şehitkamil Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, acting in a planned and programmed manner in the district of Şehitkamil, were working to open roads in the Halicilar Site in the GATEM Industrial Site, and started zero asphalt work in the areas where the road opening works were over. Expressing their satisfaction with the services provided in the Halicilar Site, where large-scale road paving and zero asphalt work continues, the tradesmen said, “Our municipal teams are working with a crowded team, while doing roadworks in the missing areas, on the other hand, they are doing zero asphalt work. In the past, we suffered from the dust and mud of the vehicles coming to our workplaces as these places were narrow and unpaved. We are very pleased with the work done right now. On the one hand, road opening works are carried on, on the other hand, almost zero asphalt work is carried out on the opened roads. We would like to thank our Şehitkamil Mayor Rıdvan Fadıloğlu for his work and wish him to continue his work ”.

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