Kocaeli against the Palace of the Governor of this rotten bridge does not suit

This rotten bridge is not suitable for Kocaeli Governor's Palace: For the Governorship of Kocaeli, the new complex built in the old village area is almost over. All units of the governorship will be moved in the new year.
With the arrival of the governorship units, this region will undoubtedly be very active and will become the new attraction center of Izmit. However, the building of the Governor's Office, which was spent on 50 million TL only for construction, is a very old, trapezoidal, pedestrian overpass which is very difficult to use for citizens.
Located on the D-100 highway between the two sides of the Izmit Izmit 42 Evler, between the industrial district and the Governorate complex between the existing pedestrian overpass is very old, and especially not available for elderly, patients and children are not available at all. While the units are moved to their new location, the Metropolitan Municipality is also asked to destroy this pedestrian overpass and to replace it with a modern, escalator. Otherwise, this outdated, obsolete overpass will overshadow all the grandeur of the governor's complex.

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