07 Antalya

Antalya rail system referendum yes output

Yes, it came out of the Antalya rail system referendum: The voting procedures in 20 neighborhoods on the EXPO Square Rail System Route ended at 17.00. Votes on ballot box committees consisting of a headman, a member and a municipal official [more…]

07 Antalya

Light rail system referendum in Antalya

Light rail system referendum in Antalya: Mini referendum was held in 2016 neighborhoods in Muratpaşa, Kepez and Aksu districts for the project in which the existing rail system in Antalya is planned to be extended to Aksu, where EXPO 20 will be established. People go to the ballot box 'yes' or [more…]


Gulf crossing bridge ends

Gulf crossing bridge ends: Works are progressing rapidly on the world's 4th largest suspension bridge. A Haber team came on the bridge that will reduce the distance between Istanbul and Yalova to only 6 minutes and watched the work on site. Between Istanbul and Izmir in 3 and a half hours, Istanbul [more…]