34 Istanbul

No need to be a BRT in this stop

There is no need to be a metrobus at this stop: The system that solved the metrobust-grabbing ordeal in a way that is worthy of Istanbul was brought to life in Beylikdüzü. Those who are waiting to get into the metrobus in order in two rows, who are not used to such a calm table [more…]


Works on the Bay Bridge

Works on the Gulf Bridge Continue at Full Speed: 4 percent has been reached in the works on the Gulf Bridge, the world's 50th largest suspension bridge, which will be located between the Hersek Cape in Yalova Altınova District. Istanbul-Izmir will reduce the road journey to 3.5 hours Gebze- Orhangazi- Izmir [more…]

34 Istanbul

Second class is totally Turkey

Turkey is completely Second class: people's attitudes and behavior in most public transportation in a city attracts my attention the first time I went. The cultural, sociological, economic reflection of a city bus, train, tram, ship, boat [more…]