Wind in the Capital of Automotive

The Capital Wind in Automotive: The President of the Association of Motor Vehicle Dealers (MASFED), the President of the Association of the Association of the Association of Automotive Manufacturers Aydın Erkoç was elected.
Ankara, which will be the biggest automobile world in Europe, has started to take on important duties in the automotive sector with the power given by 5 million pounds 750 thousand people.
Turkey in general in the General Assembly held in the masfed representing 65 thousand auto dealerships may autonomy, almost Capital wind was blowing. In the general assembly where Aydın Erkoç was unanimously elected as the chairman, Niyazi Berktaş in the High Advisory Board, one of the most important organs of MASFED, and Mahmut Ulucan in the Supervisory Board, represented Başkent Automotive Manufacturers Association.
The new board of MASFED was composed of Yalçın Baysan (Isparta), Zafer Uslu (Mersin), İsmet İnan (Van) and Erdoğan Bayrak (İstanbul-Anadolu), as well as Erkoç.
Aydın Erkoç, MASFED'in, Turkish economy, the locomotive of the automotive industry, the most important pillar in the domestic market, auto association was established under a single roof to gather associations of associations was reminded. In addition to Ankara, MASFED, which was established with the gathering of auto dealers in 20 provinces, including Istanbul and Izmir, will record the associations in other 61 provinces in a short time and records them as Erkoç.
'' Our primary objective is to eliminate the informality that causes the state to lose 2 billion liras tax per year. last year was about 5 million vehicle sales in Turkey. Only 1 million of this was carried out in auto galleries. 4 has changed hands without any tax. This system, which is open to all kinds of fraud, and where citizens' dreams of owning a car can be turned into a nightmare, must end. For this, we put our hands under the stone, we expect the state to support us. ''
Erkoç noted that the problems in customs and notary fees increased with each passing day and prevented the development of the sector. Ler Notarized fees in vehicle transfers changed between 20-40 and two years ago. In all developed countries around the world, buying and selling cars is extremely simple and inexpensive. Turkey also take my time has come now in developed countries, '' he said.
- He's working on his job at Otonomi.
On the other hand, the excitement of the General Assembly took place in the Autonomy which will be realized next to the Esenboğa Airport by the initiative of the Association of the Association of Automotive Authors.
The board of directors, consisting of Niyazi Berktaş (Vice President), Mahmut Ulucan (Vice Chairman), İsmail Aydınkaş (Treasurer), Levent Demirkaya, Kemal Kocabaş and İhsan Gökçınar, chaired by Aydın Erkoç, was re-elected in the general assembly with a vote of confidence from all members.
Erkoç, '' the General Assembly showed the favor and gave us this difficult task once again. In Ankara, not only in Turkey, the Middle East and Europe we are building the world's largest automaker. The autonomy project also increased the capital's strength in the sector. Istanbul, Bursa, Kocaeli, Sakarya, such as the heart of the heart of the automotive industry to compete, or even came to the position. Even the Istanbul envy looks at this project, '' he said.
According to the circular of the Ministry of Interior in different districts of Ankara in the auto galleries to be completed in the 2015 Autonomy will be completed reminiscent Erkoc, '' Autonomy, auto galleries as well as citizens can sell their own vehicles. The test drive of the vehicle will be done in Autonomy Notary, traffic registration, bank transactions can be performed here.
375 is located on a thousand square meters area within the Autonomy, 489 auto showroom, 15 auto service, 10 auto plaza and 48 office type auto sales center is located. The project was also equipped with facilities such as 66 units, 25 pieces of medium and small commercial area, fuel station and worship center that can meet all the needs of the campus.
In the commercial units offered for sale at prices starting from 2 liras per square meter, a sales success of 500 percent was achieved in a short time.

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