The underground transportation of discharged mehmets was provided by ego buses.
06 Ankara

AŞTİ Transportation of Discharged Mehmetçik was Provided by EGO Buses

Transportation of Mehmetçiks, who were discharged after completing their military service in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, to Ankara Intercity Terminal Operations (AŞTİ) was provided by buses of the General Directorate of EGO. At the request of the Ministry of National Defense, within the scope of the precaution against the Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, our demobilized soldiers [more…]

tcdd bicerova nemport port connection line completed
35 Izmir

TCDD Biçerova Nemport Port Connection Line Completed

Nemport Port Connection Line, whose work has been completed within the scope of the project of connecting ports to the railway, was opened to loading and unloading traffic. The junction line leaving the Biçerova station and going to Nemport Port is 3 km in total and 484 loading-unloading roads of 2 meters in length. [more…]

mass transportation vehicles in tekirdag are disinfected every day

Public Transport Vehicles Are Disinfected Every Day in Tekirdağ

Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality continues its disinfection works continuously within the scope of combating the epidemic. In this context, buses operating in Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Public Transportation System are disinfected by the disinfection teams of the Health Affairs Department every day. Continuing the disinfection processes meticulously [more…]

new seating arrangement in public transport vehicles
63 Sanliurfa

New Seating Arrangement in Public Transport Vehicles Serving in Şanlıurfa

Within the scope of the corona virus protection measures, the Social Distance Committees published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs have temporarily introduced a new seating order in public transportation vehicles serving in Şanlıurfa by the Metropolitan Municipality, and the occupancy rate has been reduced to 50%. In line with the decisions taken by the Ministry of Interior [more…]

angelvap to
Guest Post

Benefits and Losses of Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have become very popular now. We started to see electronic cigarettes in the hands of everyone on the street, at home and in the cafe. This device causes less damage to the human body than normal cigarettes. Most people turn to electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. [more…]

Control of taxis within the scope of the coronavirus precautions in Izmir
35 Izmir

Taxis Inspection in Izmir within the Scope of Coronavirus Measures!

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started to inspect commercial taxis. The Ministry of Interior had arranged the taxis' traffic according to the last digit of their license plates. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to fight against the new type of coronavirus epidemic. In line with the circular issued by the Metropolitan Ministry of Interior, commercial taxis, [more…]

Airport bus services in Izmir were redirected to the city.
35 Izmir

Airport Bus Flights In Izmir Directed To The City

Due to the fact that domestic flights from Izmir were canceled to a great extent within the scope of the intercity travel restriction, most of the buses that made airport services were drawn into the city. Flights on two lines were stopped. As part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, the Ministry of Interior for intercity travel [more…]

india railway route map
91 India

India High Speed ​​Train Route Map

India High Speed ​​Train Route Map: India will soon have the Bullet Train line, the only high-speed train that can run trains at speeds of more than 250 km per hour. Thanks to Japan's transfer of bullet train technology to India, [more…]

Is it illegal to go out in the street
35 Izmir

Is there a curfew in Izmir?

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said that we entered the most critical two weeks in the meeting he held on the internet with 30 district mayors and said, “It is beneficial to declare a curfew for two weeks at the first Pandemic Board meeting led by our governor. [more…]

Izmir big city became crisis municipality
35 Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Crisis Has Been Municipalized

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has started to implement crisis municipal management due to the coronavirus epidemic. Mayor Tunç Soyer, "as Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey by signing a non-sample application we put forward a new legislation on municipal crisis," he said. [more…]

rumeli railway

Today in History: 31 March 1868 Rumeli Railways

Today in History, 31 March 1868, the 3rd contract for Rumeli Railways was signed with the Belgian brothers and partners of Van der Elst. 31 March 1919 In the letter sent from the Commander-in-Chief to the Ministry of Public Works, it was requested that correspondence be made in French at the Baghdad Railway Company. March 31 [more…]

elazig municipality launched an empty seat application in public transport
23 Elazig

Elazig Municipality Launches Leisure Seats in Public Transport

Social distance standards were introduced for seats in public transportation vehicles by Elazig Municipality. Elazig Municipality, in line with the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to travel with 50 percent occupancy rates of urban public transportation vehicles sent to the governorships within the scope of corona virus measures. [more…]