Eastern Black Sea Railway Requests

East Black Sea Wants Railway: The Eastern Black Sea is insistently demanding the Railway Road, which it has suffered for years. It expects the authorities to listen to this voice. Batumi-Kazakhstan Railway line was put into service on 1 February. Mostly dry cargo on the line between Batumi-Almaty / Kazakhstan [more…]


RayHaber 13.05.2014 Tender Bulletin

Construction of Treatment Plant Work (Tatvan TCDD Vangölü Ferry Directorate) B70 concrete sleeper purchase work Passage Bridges for MT 15000 DMU Vehicles (TÜVASAŞ) Lattice Wire Will Be Exported (Double Sided Between Sivas-Taşlıdere Stations) Wooden Truss Travers [more…]

22 Edirne

TRT Publishing and History Museum Wagon in Edirne

And TRT Publishing History Museum in Edirne Wagon: Starting out in February Turkey Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) Publishing and History Museum Wagon, reached Edirne, which was the last stop. Within the framework of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the TRT General Directorate, [more…]


We are delayed in logistics

We are delayed in logistics: The President of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association A. Hamdi Gürdoğan stated that new lines, new facilities and new transfer stations should be made between Russia and Turkish Republics and reminded the key to economic regional development. The most important problem of the region [more…]

Asphalt News

33 Mileage Road Work in Basiskelede

33 Mileage Road Works in Başiskelede: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Başiskele concrete, hot asphalt and cold asphalt road work will be done. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its road works. Başiskele district road maintenance and repair work [more…]

39 Italy

Test of democracy in Turin

Democracy test in Turin: Four activists who oppose the "high-speed train project" designed between Turin and Lyon for the damages it will cause to the local economy and the natural environment have been imprisoned since last December. Torino prosecutor's office, about opponents of Italian "No TAV", [more…]

46 Sweden

Self-parking vehicles are coming

Self-parking cars are coming: Volvo Car Group has kicked off the amazing project in Sweden. This project is shaped around the vision of 'Zero accident, zero death' in 2020. This project of Volvo Car Group is called 'Drive Me'. [more…]


Nissibi Bridge Construction Completes

Nissibi Euphrates Bridge Construction Nears Completion: When completed, Turkey's longest suspension bridge, which will be Nissib 3.köprü Bridge construction has reached the final stage. Turkey's third longest suspended bridge which will carry the distinction of being the last Nissibi Euphrates Bridge construction [more…]


Malazgirtte highways workers made a press release

Malazgirtte highways workers made a press release: Malazgirt district workers in the Highways Directorate of the 116 Branch, the contractor of the subcontracting firm made a press statement to dismiss them. Chefs gathered in front of workers who read the statement on behalf of the workplace [more…]


Ipsala road bridge will be closed to traffic

İpsala highway bridge will be closed to traffic: The Ministry of Customs and Trade announced that the İpsala Highway Bridge will be closed to traffic. In a written statement from the Ministry, “Due to a work to be carried out by the Land Forces Command and the Governorship of Edirne, on May 14, 2014, 08.00-17.00 [more…]


Bomb panic at the tram station in Samsunda

Bomb panic at Samsunda Tram Station: The possibility of a bomb in a suitcase noticed at the tram station in Samsun alarmed the police. The incident occurred in İlkadım district, Liman Mahallesi Gençlik Park Tram Station. According to the information obtained, next to the tram station [more…]


Road to Four Towns

Good News of the Road to Four Districts: The highways network starting from Ünye and ending in İlküvez District of Çaybaşı district was combined with the Akpınar-Salman and Akkuş road network with the initiatives of Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Enver Yılmaz. Along with this road, İkizce District and Yoghunoluk [more…]

7 Russia

Russian RZD halts rail purchases from foreign mills

Russian RZD stopped purchasing rails from foreign manufacturers: Russian Railways (RZD) announced that it stopped purchasing rails from foreign manufacturers as of January 2014. In the meetings held at the end of 2013, RZD, which evaluated the rail purchase from Japanese Nippon Steel in 2014 [more…]


Mithatpaşa 2 Tunnel

Mithatpaşa 2 Tunnel: An information meeting was held with the Roman citizens living at the exit point of the Mithatpaşa 2 Tunnel, which is under construction in Zonguldak. Mayor Akdemir, Deputy Treasurer Hüseyin Çeven, National Real Estate Manager, attended the meeting held in Zonguldak Municipality Wedding Hall. [more…]


Topçular Intersection D-100

Topçular Junction D-100 will be relieved: Gebze Municipality Construction on the D-100 Highway Topçular Köprülü intersection works closely followed by the Mayor of Gebze Adnan Köşker, Sakarya University lecturer Professor. Dr. Zeki Gündüz and the contractor firm [more…]

Intercity Railways

Will Be Brand in Sakarya Railway Production

Sakarya Railway Production in De Brand Will Be: Sakarya Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors President Mahmoud Kösemusul and Board Member of Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) General Manager visited Erol Inal "National Train Project" [more…]


Work for the Second Stage on Birgi Road

Work Continues for the Second Phase of Birgi Road: Within the scope of the asphalting and expansion works on the highway extending to the historical town of Ödemiş, Birgi, it was time for the section from Kiraz-Birgi junction to Beşgöz locality. In the works commissioned by the Highways 2nd Regional Directorate [more…]

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