We are delayed in logistics

We are delaying in logistics: Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union President A. Hamdi Gürdoğan stated that new lines, new facilities and new transfer stations should be built between Russia and Turkish Republics, and the key to economic regional development [more…]

39 Italy

Test of democracy in Turin

Democracy test in Turin: Four activists have been in custody since last December, protesting the Torino high-speed train arasında project designed between Torino and Lyon due to the local economy and the damages to the natural environment. Procuratorate of Turin, [more…]

46 Sweden

Self-parking vehicles are coming

Self-parking vehicles are coming: Volvo Car Group has started a great project in Sweden. This project is taking shape within the framework of the vision of 'Zero accidents, zero deaths' in 2020. Volvo Car Group's [more…]


Nissibi Bridge Construction Completes

Nissibi Bridge Construction Near Completion: The construction of Nissibi Bridge, which will be the third longest bridge in Turkey as a suspension bridge when completed, has reached the final stage. It will be the third longest suspension bridge in Turkey. [more…]


Ipsala road bridge will be closed to traffic

İpsala Highway Bridge will be closed to traffic: The Ministry of Customs and Trade announced that the İpsala Highway Bridge will be closed to traffic. In the written statement made by the Ministry, “Due to a study to be carried out by the Land Forces Command and Edirne Governorship. [more…]


Bomb panic at the tram station in Samsunda

Bomb panic at the tram station in Samsun: The possibility of a bomb in the suitcase noticed at the tram station in Samsun alarmed the police. The incident occurred at the Liman Mahallesi Genclik Park Tram Station in the district of Ilkadim. Acquired [more…]


Road to Four Towns

Good News of the Road to Four Districts: The highway network, which starts from Ünye and ends in the İlküvez District of Çaybaşı district, was combined with the Akpınar-Salman and Akkuş highway network, with the initiatives of Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Enver Yılmaz. With this way [more…]


Mithatpaşa 2 Tunnel

Mithatpaşa 2 Tunnel: An information meeting was held for Roman citizens living at the exit point of the Mithatpaşa 2 Tunnel, which is under construction in Zonguldak. The meeting held at the Zonguldak Municipality Wedding Hall was attended by Mayor Akdemir, Deputy Treasurer. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Will Be Brand in Sakarya Railway Production

Sakarya Will Become a Brand in Railway Production: Mahmut Kösemusul, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Members of the Board of Directors visited Erol İnal, General Manager of Turkey Vagon Sanayi A.Ş (TÜVASAŞ) [more…]


The world's best airline Emirates

Emirates, the world's best airline: Connecting people and places, Emirates has been named the "Best airline in the world" by business passengers. At the 2014 Business Traveler (ME) awards ceremony this week, Emirates [more…]


BYD ambitious in Turkey

BYD ambitious in Turkey: The world's most important Chinese battery manufacturer BYD Company, which produces the tools for the urban public transport sector remains on the agenda. The final preparations for the creation of investment and market in Turkey ... [more…]



On the way to perfection: Otokar, which established the first ISO 10002 certified services in commercial vehicles, directs the feedbacks from its customers to R&D and engineering studies. Thus, Otokar produces vehicles according to the satisfaction of the manufacturer… OTOKAR, after sales [more…]


You're going to shut us down.

Are you going to close us: Burdurlu populations; Yüzünden In the urban transport we serve, our expenses have come to the point of unpaid transport, and the additional 65 age burden is destroying us. Is that our contact closure? [more…]


Transport network is expanding in Malatya

The transportation network is expanding in Malatya: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services Inc. (MOTAŞ) will also start to provide services to Dilek, Yeşilyurt and Gündüzbey… Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services Inc. (MOTAŞ) will provide services to Dilek, Yeşilyurt and Gündüzbey. [more…]


Gaziantepe Smart Junction

Gaziantepe Smart Junction: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin continues her practices to reduce the transportation problem of Gaziantep residents by adding new ones to the intersection projects that have been started to solve the traffic problem of the city. [more…]