TRT Publishing and History Museum Wagon is in Sakarya

TRT Publishing and History Museum Wagon in Sakarya: Turkey Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) General Directorate of 50 | The TRT Publishing and History Museum Wagon, prepared as part of the XNUMXth anniversary celebrations, was opened to the visitors of history lovers at Adapazarı Train Station. Museum manager [more…]

82 Korea (South)

Metals collided in South Korea Wounded 170

170 Wounded in South Korea 170 Injured: 170 injured in the collision of two subway cars in South Korea's capital, Seoul. The subway departing from the Sangwangsimni station hit the other subway from behind. XNUMX passengers were injured in a car that derailed a car. [more…]

37 Kastamonu

The Destiny of the Küre-İnebolu Cable Car Line is Decayed

The Destiny of the Küre-İnebolu Cable Car Line is to Decay: The cable car, which was put into operation in 1988 to transport the copper from the mountains to İnebolu Port and can only be used for 2 years, has been hanging for 25 years. Copper mines in the harbor and Küre mountains in İnebolu district of Kastamonu [more…]


Uneasy increase in road safety problem

disturbing rise in road safety issues: Traffic Week Day Hitay TTKÖD President drew attention to the growth of the road safety problem in Turkey: the last 10 years the number of motor vehicles has increased two-fold. The number of traffic accidents in the last 20 years, [more…]


2. E-Commerce Logistics Conference Held

E-Commerce Logistics Conference Held: E-Commerce Future 5 Unable to Ship During the Year Increasing e-commerce volume and the intensive logistics activities brought with it creates significant traffic problems especially in Istanbul. Beykoz Logistics Vocational School this year [more…]

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