Bridge Reaction of the Neighborhood

Bridge Response of the Neighborhood: Residents of Buğdaylı Quarter of Kayseri, closed the road for a while due to the fact that they were late for their works and schools because of the bridge which was not completed for a year. In the morning bound to the district of Kocasinan [more…]

35 Izmir

Accident Description

Description of the Accident from İzba: In the statement made by the General Directorate of İzmir Light Rail System (İZBAN), on Thursday, May 01, in the Torbalı-Taşkesik Mevkii of İzmir-Ödemiş Railway Line, in the accident where the train hit a herd of sheep, the train and [more…]

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Dabak told about logistics

Dabak talked about logistics: In the presentation where Rize's expectations were explained, Dabak talked about subjects such as logistics center, airport, railway and Rize port. The General Conference hosted by the Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) Elazig Branch. [more…]


Europe's Trains to be Tested in Eskisehir

Europe's Trains Will Be Tested in Eskişehir: In Eskişehir, the National Rail Systems Center of Excellence, the construction of which will begin this year, will contribute to the Turkish economy by testing the trains of European countries and Turkic Republics. Anadolu University (AU) Transportation [more…]

karakurt the first turkish locomotive

Turkey's Land Trains

The historical land trains, which have an important past in Turkey and have been used for transportation and transportation for years after 1866, have almost destroyed not the burden of years, but abandonment. Many people who were put on hold at the Uşak train station [more…]

25 Erzurum

Two ski centers were included in privatization

Two ski resorts were included in the scope of privatization: Following the completion of the infrastructure problems of Palandöken and Konaklı ski resorts, which were included in the privatization scope, they will be promoted nationally and internationally within the scope of medium-term work plans. [more…]


Suspended Bridge in Akyakada

Akyaka Suspension Bridge has been repaired: The suspension bridge used by the villagers Küçükaküzüm and Büyükaküzüm in Akyaka district of Kars was overhauled. Boards on the steel ropes of the suspension bridge connecting Küçükaküzüm village and Büyükaküzüm villages [more…]


A book feast on the tram

Book Festival on Tram: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Education Courses (GAMEK) distributed free books on the tram and citizens were encouraged to read books. At noon [more…]