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Condolences to our nation. We have learned with great sadness the news that some of our miners lost their lives and some of them were stranded after the fire that broke out due to the transformer explosion in the coal mine in the Soma District of Manisa. Martyr [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray 1 could not do time expedition

Marmaray could not travel for 1 hour: TCDD General Directorate announced that the flights were stopped for 1 hour due to the failure of the electricity separator at the Ayrılıkçeşme station of Marmaray. In the written statement made by the General Directorate of TCDD, some internet [more…]



Snowdrops Growing on the Rail: As a result of the structure of Railway Management, technical personnel can be carried out with a work force. [more…]


Railroads to the global market

Attack on the global market by rail: Turkey will open up to the global market with an 'iron corridor'. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications aims to get a larger share of the 6 billion dollar cake on the Asia-Europe line with 75 international rail corridors. Request [more…]

06 Ankara

Fast Train scared bus companies

High Speed ​​Train scared bus companies: High Speed ​​Train bus companies, which will reduce Ankara-Istanbul between 3 hours, scared the bus companies. Some bus companies will either get off the line or reduce their flights. YHT, aircraft passengers [more…]


60 Percent of Karsak Junction Completed

60 percent of Karsak Junction Completed: 60 percent of Karsak Junction, which was built within the scope of Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Highway Project, has been completed. For the junction, which was built in a hollow area compared to the Bursa-Istanbul highway, the region has been so far. [more…]


Road Transport in Turkey

Road Transport in Turkey: Road Transport, allow for a direct transport between the start and destination points, as compared to other types of transport, making it faster and relatively cheap, especially not in the short-distance transport [more…]


Traffic Control for Persons with Disabilities

Traffic Control for Disabled People: 'We are the Gendarme of Bergama, the City of Firsts', coordinated by the District Gendarmerie Command's Traffic Gendarmerie Team and Ali Rıza Primary School Special Education Class Teacher Gül Nihal Yüce in Bergama District of İzmir. [more…]


Here is the alternative Old Istanbul Way

Here is the alternative Old Istanbul Road: Between Gebze and Körfez of the TEM Highway, the D-100 Highway, which was trafficked due to the repair works of the viaducts in the direction of Ankara, experienced great intensity at the weekend. Drivers who know the alternative way [more…]


The Commissar of Tram to Gaziantep Muhtarlara

Tram Annunciation for Mukhtars of Gaziantep: Tram good news for mukhtars An important issue for mukhtars came to the agenda in Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Council An important issue for mukhtars came to the agenda in Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Council. It [more…]


Rail System Car Driver To Be Taken

Rail System Vehicle Driver Will Be Taken: Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Co., will take the rail system vehicle driver. For the 15 staff to be recruited, 24 will be held on Saturday in May. Greater Municipality of Kayseri Transportation Inc. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Tree massacre for Marmaray

Tree massacre for Marmaray: Tree cutting for Marmaray's Yenimahalle station was stopped upon the reaction of Bakırköy residents. Realizing that many trees have been cut since the morning in the Yenimahalle district of Bakırköy, the citizens went to the cutting site. [more…]