34 Istanbul

Marmaray 1 could not do time expedition

Marmaray could not make a flight for 1 hour: TCDD General Directorate announced that the trips were stopped for 1 hour due to the malfunction in the electrical separator at Marmaray's Ayrılıkçeşme station. Made from TCDD General Directorate [more…]



Snowdrops Raising in Benefit: Due to the structure of Railway Management, completely technical personnel can be carried out with the work force. In our country, TCDD is a mechanic, movement officer, road personnel, facilities at the level of civil servants for the provision of this type of personnel. [more…]


Railroads to the global market

attack the global market for railways: Turkey, the global market 'iron koridor'l to açılacak.ulaştır Up, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry, with 6 international rail corridors, $ 75 billion more than pie in the Asia-Europe line [more…]

06 Ankara

Fast Train scared bus companies

High Speed ​​Train frightened bus companies: High Speed ​​Train that will reduce Ankara-Istanbul to 3 hours frightened bus companies. Some bus companies will either be withdrawn from the line or [more…]


60 Percent of Karsak Junction Completed

60 Percent of Karsak Intersection is Completed: 60 percent of the Karsak Intersection, which was built within the scope of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway Project, has been completed. Built in a hollow area compared to the Bursa-Istanbul highway [more…]


Road Transport in Turkey

Road Transport in Turkey: Road Transport, start and allow for a direct transport between destinations, making it faster compared to other types of transport, especially short [more…]


Here is the alternative Old Istanbul Way

Here is the alternative Old Istanbul Road: D-100 Highway, where traffic was given due to the repair works of the viaducts in the direction of Ankara, between Gebze and Körfez of the TEM Highway, there was a great density at the weekend. [more…]

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