Intercity Railways

Aksaray Railway to Open to Mersin Port

Aksaray will be opened to Mersin Port by Railway: Aksaray industry, which has grown thanks to incentives in recent years, will be connected to Mersin Port by railway with the “Kırşehir-Aksaray-Ulukışla Railway Project” coming into effect. Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone (OSB), in the 5th incentive zone [more…]

251 Ethiopia

A quick train to help from China

Helping high-speed trains from China in Africa: While connecting big cities with high-speed train network is unimaginable in Europe, China plans to realize it in Africa. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the African Union OAU [more…]

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Corruption in Madrid-Barcelona high-speed train line

Corruption in the Madrid-Barcelona high-speed train line: An investigation has been launched regarding the allegations of corruption and bribery in the Madrid-Barcelona high-speed train project in Spain. Spanish Railways infrastructure company ADIF and the private construction company Corsan 9 [more…]

34 Spain

Nine detentions in Spain

Nine detentions in railway corruption investigation in Spain: Nine persons were detained within the framework of the investigation launched against allegations of corruption in some railway projects in Spain. From the prosecutor's office and the Court of Accounts on suspicion of corruption in some railway projects in Spain [more…]


TEME IDO solution

TEMe IDO solution: Renovation works on highways, which started on two separate viaducts in Gebze and Izmit on May 5 – July 24, the address for fast, safe, comfortable and affordable transportation between the two sides of Marmara. [more…]