11 Bilecik

Heavy Duty Injury

Worker Jumping From Train Maintenance Vehicle Heavily Injured: During the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) works in Bilecik, the worker jumping from the maintenance vehicle that exploded the brake was seriously injured. According to the information obtained [more…]


Reflecting bridges with cover

Bridges are being renewed in Kapakli: Bridges are being renovated in Kapakli District of Tekirdag. While the existing bridge at Erbay Caddesi Yuvam Houses exit in Kapirdag District is collapsing, a new point to the same point [more…]


Organized by Osman Gazi Junction

The Environment of Osman Gazi Junction has been organized: Environmental planning works have been completed at Darıca Osman Gazi Junction. After completing the construction of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, it greatly eases the traffic in the region. [more…]


Ovit Tunnel to End at 2015

The Ovit Tunnel will be finished at the end of 2015: The 2640-meter section of the Ovit Tunnel, which is under construction on the Ovit Mountain with an altitude of 9 meters on the Rize-Erzurum road route, has been completed. Rize [more…]