7 Kazakhstan

train from Kazakhstan to Turkey

Train from Kazakhstan to Turkey: It has been stated that the train line from China's Chengdu region to Poland can be converted from Kazakhstan to Turkey. Member of the Board of the Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TÜSİAD) and Chairman of the Global Relations Commission [more…]

34 Istanbul

with Europe Çerkezköy Trade Via

with Europe Çerkezköy Over Trade: Republic of Turkey State Railways Çerkezköy According to the Logistics Department data 1 January-22 May Çerkezköy 9 thousand 902 thousand railway cars from the train station [more…]

35 Izmir

The driver of the tractor hit by the train lost his life

The driver of the tractor hit by the train lost his life: The driver of the tractor, which was hit by the passenger train on the Torbalı Ödemiş line in İzmir, lost his life. According to the statement made by the General Directorate of TCDD, the flight number 32328, which makes the Ödemiş-Basmane expedition, [more…]

06 Ankara

New news from the collapsed YHT station

New news from the collapsed YHT station: Samples were taken after the collapse at the two-storey high-speed train station, which is under construction in Sakarya's Arifiye district. During the concrete pouring process in the renovation construction of the old train station in Arifiye [more…]

34 Istanbul

The Eurasian tunnel will benefit these regions

The Eurasia Tunnel will benefit these regions: The construction of the Eurasia Tunnel, which is planned to bring a solution to Istanbul's traffic problem with Marmaray and the third bridge, continues at full speed. Two sides of Istanbul under the Marmaray Sea [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. When will the airport laying ceremony

When will the airport groundbreaking ceremony be :3. When will the airport foundation be opened? Here is the date of the giant project has been announced. Obstacles for the 3rd airport in Istanbul have been overcome, and the groundwork will be laid on June 17. Now [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbul's Metrobus ordeal does not end

Istanbul's Metrobus ordeal does not end: Citizens who go to work in the morning in Istanbul did not fit on the Metrobus overpasses. Some passengers reached the stop by walking the E-5 in Zeytinburnu. Passengers coming to the metrobus overpass in Zeytinburnu met with intensity. Top [more…]


Eskişehir's new tram line starts testing

Tests are starting on Eskişehir's new tram line: It has been reported that energy tests will begin tomorrow on the Yıldıztepe-Yenikent-Çankaya line within the scope of Eskişehir Urban Transportation and Public Transport System Project Tram Extension Lines Construction Work. made by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Channel Istanbul's Road Plan Was Determined

Canal Istanbul's Road Plan Announced: The route of Kanal Istanbul, which is called Istanbul's crazy project, has become clear. The crazy project of Istanbul, announced by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan before the 2009 local elections, the route of Kanal Istanbul and [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Large scandal in bridge construction

Big scandal in bridge construction :3. The 'pottery' was hidden from the Archeology Museum so that the construction could continue on the bridge. There are many historical artifacts on the route of the 3rd bridge from the Ottoman period to the Roman period, but the construction did not extend like the Marmaray. [more…]

Intercity Railways

High reaction to price in railway transportation

High price reaction in railway transportation: Chairman of Denizli Chamber of Industry Müjdat Keçeci complained about the high prices in rail transportation. Keçeci stated that the industrialists transport their products by road at a cheaper price than the railway. [more…]

asrin project marmaray guzyolui
34 Istanbul

Marmaray Tunnel Ventilation System

In addition to the projects of the tunnel ventilation system in Marmaray, Rota Teknik, which carries out the production of turnkey machinery / apparatus and test systems, has recently realized its works with Şemsettin Işıl, the Founding Member of the Board of Directors. [more…]

British Istanbul airport
34 Istanbul

The Strongest Candidate Mevlana

The strongest candidate Mevlana : His slogan is ready: 'It is good to migrate from somewhere every day, it is nice to be landed somewhere every day' The most curious thing about the third airport, the foundation of which will be laid in mid-June [more…]


Will European Turks become victims of HGS

Europeans will be the Turks HGS victim: She began to dream of making hundreds of thousands of vehicles allowed in Turkey on summer vacation citizens living in Germany. However, the toll motorway Fast Pass Card System in Turkey (HGS) require you to use [more…]

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For Sale

for sale by owner in Bursa highway: For the motorway, do not be surprised, based on interesting statements from the owners Bursa-Izmir highway closable this is Turkey get your information Bursa-Izmir about 10 mistress of a strip of the highway, title deeds belonging to his father from the field [more…]

16 Bursa

BUDO starts tours to Buyukada

BUDO starts tours to Büyükada: Hamdi Karahasan ship, purchased from Istanbul by Bursa Sea Bus Administration (BUDO), will start Mudanya - Istanbul Büyükada tours as of June 1st. Sea transportation between Istanbul and Bursa [more…]


Samsun road lighting project ready

Samsun road lighting project ready: Samsun-Çorum Highway north entrance Lighting Project, YEDAŞ 2014 year investment program has been reported. Project, Highways 7. Regional Directorate will be implemented in accordance with the protocol. The Samsun-Corum [more…]