18 Cankiri

Snow shortage in Ilgaz will be solved by machine

The snow problem in Ilgaz will be solved with the machine: The President of Çankırı Ski Coaches Association İmdat Yarım stated that the work on the purchase of artificial snow machine has been started so that the snow shortage experienced on Ilgaz Mountain last season does not make tourism professionals suffer. [more…]

20 Denizli

Ski resort like Bozdag

Bozdaga city-like ski center: Tavas'taki Bozdag in the region's ski center while the work continues, prepared zoning plan has been suspended. When the planning was implemented, it was transferred from hotels to recreational facilities in Bozdağ to Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

34 Istanbul

The collapsed road in Zeytinburnu

The road that collapsed in Zeytinburnu is on the agenda of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (DHA): “Marmaray works made this way and the cracking road during the construction of the Marmaray project caused great panic”. [more…]


Demirspor's veterans are on the field for him

The veterans of Demirspor are on the field for him: Necmettin Samsa, who died as a result of a heart attack while working as a worker personnel in the Manufacturing Factory by the General Directorate of TÜVASAŞ (Turkey Vagon Sanayi A.Ş.) and the Demiryol-İş Union. [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Waste Recycling Project Signed

Asphalt Waste Recycling Project Signed: Mevlana Development Agency will support the “Asphalt Waste Recycling” project of Selçuklu Municipality. The contract related to the project was signed by Mevlana Development Agency General Secretary Dr. Ahmet Akman [more…]

02 Adiyaman

Nemrut road will be flooded

Nemrut road will be inundated: Adıyaman Preventing the passage to Nemrut by dam in Pütürge villages and watering the Kahta lands, villages, bridges and highway will be inundated with Büyükçay dam near Tepehan Town. [more…]


Etis was shown in humanitarian logistics

Etis was shown as an example in humanitarian logistics: Etis Logistics, one of the biggest gatherings of the sector, 3. National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress LODER Founding President Prof. Dr. Case study presented by Mehmet Tanyaş [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Bosphorus Bridge reaches 214 meters

Bosphorus Bridge reaches 214 meter: 3. Two thirds of the towers were completed on the Bosphorus Bridge, the height of the tower reached 214 on the European side and 206 on the Asian side. President Abdullah Gül, President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Cemil Çiçek and [more…]


This is our flying train

This is our flying train: Head of Physics Department of Karadeniz Technical University. Dr. Ekrem Yanmaz and his team made a prototype of a magnetic rail train whose speed will reach 586 kilometers per hour. Accepted by TUBITAK [more…]