Koto will Meet for Tram

Koto will meet for the tram: KOTO, which moves due to the concern that the tram line passing through the city center will cause harm to the tradesmen, will hold a meeting for how the tram line passes without damaging the tradesmen. [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt money crisis in Alanya

Asphalt money crisis in Alanya: Alanya Municipality's AK Party Assembly Member Kerim Başkaptan'ın 'Alanya Municipality, Oba and Cikcilli neighborhoods poured asphalt money from the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality demand that we do not allow it' [more…]

34 Istanbul

Renewal of Göztepe station

In order to preserve Göztepe station, it must be renewed: Before the Bosphorus Bridge was built, the only link connecting the Anatolian and European sides was Haydarpaşa Train Station. You can come by train from Anatolia, take the ferry at the pier in Haydarpaşa, and from there [more…]

06 Ankara

High Speed ​​Train Lines

Wire mesh is being drawn on the High Speed ​​​​Train lines: While the investigations and investigations regarding the theft incidents on the Eskişehir-Ankara High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) line passing through Bilecik continue, wire fences are laid around the rails. [more…]

06 Ankara

Can't sabotage when YHT starts

There can be no sabotage when YHT starts the voyage: Transport, Maritime and Communication Minister Elvan said, “I hope we will not experience these sabotage in the next period. "After the signal tests are completed, they cannot do these as soon as the train starts running." [more…]

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Asphalt News

Beginning asphalt

Kecioren asphalt works start: Kecioren Municipality in the winter months with the warming of the asphalt and deteriorated roads began renovation work. Kecioren Municipality Ayvalı Neighborhood Pelityaprağı Street which gives great importance to urban aesthetics [more…]


Women's Hand Was Cleaned by Highways

Women's Hands on Highways Cleaning: In Bingöl, the grass on the intercity road route is cleaned by female workers from Elazig with a hoe. Gökçeli Construction, which received the cleaning tender made by the Elazig 8th Regional Directorate of Highways, [more…]


Subcontracted workers in Çorum

Highways were still working in Çorum my contract workers stopped work: work subcontracted workers located in one of the most important problems of life in Corum in Turkey are showing the effects of the problem. The most important problems of working life in Turkey [more…]


Last day for Derince Port

Today is the last day for Derince Port: Bidding period in the privatization process of TCDD Derince Port ends today. Proposal in the process of privatization of TCDD Derince Port for 39 years by "granting the operating rights" [more…]


Muşta overpasses waiting to be used

Muşta overpasses are waiting to be used: The overpasses established by the highways on the Muş-Bitlis and Muş-Bingöl highways are not used by pedestrians, the driver and authorities reacted. Highways 113. Branch Chief Sulhattin Ömeroğlu, on intercity roads [more…]

34 Istanbul

Grand Airport Appeared

Grand Airport appeared: 3 to Istanbul. obstacles for the airport have been overcome, 17 will be laid the foundation in June. The name of the airport, now known as Istanbul Grand Airport, will be announced by the Prime Minister. airport deferred base due to Soma disaster [more…]

diyarbakir bingol highway was closed again
21 Diyarbakir

Diyarbakır Bingöl Highway Has Been Closed Again

Diyarbakır-Bingöl highway was closed again half an hour after the gendarmerie opened it. The activists dug a trench on the main road in the Fis Plain region, and also dug a ditch on the secondary road used as an alternative. Transportation from Diyarbakır via Lice and Genç [more…]


Çanakkale Izmir Highway Road Scare

Fearful Landslide on the Slope of the Çanakkale İzmir Highway: After the earthquake of the size of 6,5 that occurred on Saturday off the Aegean Sea, cracks occurred at the bottom of the viaduct near Erenköy town of Çanakkale-İzmir road. Last year [more…]

53 Rize

Current Status of Rize Teleferik Project (Photo Gallery)

What is the Latest Situation in the Rize Cable Car Project: Expropriation works continue in the cable car project, which is planned to be built from the Rize coast to Dağbaşı location. Within the scope of expropriation works, an agreement was reached with the beneficiaries in Paşakuyu District and a total of 480 m2 [more…]


What is the Final Status of Rize?

What is the Latest Situation in the Ropeway Project in Rize: Expropriation works continue in the ropeway project planned to be built from the Rize coast to Dağbaşı location. Within the scope of expropriation works, an agreement was reached with the beneficiaries in Paşakuyu District and a total of 480 m2 [more…]


Violet Rings

Viaduct Legs Colored in Rize: In the area open to vehicle and pedestrian traffic in Rize, paintings reflecting the culture of the region are drawn by the painter Serpil Kebapcı. Citizens have especially used it to reach the coastal area [more…]