Center of National and Domestic Rail Systems Eskişehir

the center of national and domestic rail systems should be connected to the ports by eskisehir railway
the center of national and domestic rail systems should be connected to the ports by eskisehir railway

Under the leadership of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO), the real sector producers are Hasan Büyükdede, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology and Head of TSE. Dr. He met with Adem Şahin. During the consultation meeting held at ESO, important issues for Eskişehir industry were examined.

Making a presentation at the opening of the meeting held within the scope of the social distance rules in the ESO Assembly Hall, ESO President Celalettin Kesikbaş gave information about the city industry and talked about the projects of the Chamber.

Speaking about the importance of rail systems in Eskişehir, Kesikbaş said, “We are exporting all the 2,5 billion dollars by road. Eskişehir railroad junction point. We demand to connect to the ports by rail and export our products here.

This is very important for new investments to increase in Eskişehir. We have an idea to build the center of national and local rail systems in Eskişehir. We strongly believe that this capability is in Eskişehir. ” said.

Infrastructure of Eskişehir is ready

Hasan Büyükdede, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, who gave information about the work done before the Ministry for the industry of Eskişehir, said: “We are a city with a special place for our Ministry of Eskişehir. Our city is under our close supervision. We have valuable institutions in the field of industry. At the meetings we held in our Ministry in Eskişehir in particular, we said that we can make ship engines in Eskişehir. We have the infrastructure to do this, we have TEİ and Tülomsaş. Eskişehir was the first city that came to our mind for the localization of the cargo ships to be built.

Our Eskişehir has a large place in the field of aircraft and ceramics as well. I know how important the ceramic industry is in this region. Anadolu University has a Ceramic Research Center, but I don't think it is used too much. My advice for ceramists will be to use this unit at our University.

When we look at the automotive industry, the supplier industry should improve. We are reviving our TOGG project. With its infrastructure, we have now separated an area of ​​1 million square meters of the military in Gemlik. Soon we will have a foundation there. But here a serious supplier industry will be needed. Eskişehir is very suitable for this. ”

After the evaluation speeches, the questions of Eskişehir industrialists were answered. ESO Vice President Fatih Düş and Sinan Özeçoğlu, TSE Deputy Secretary General Ethem Kaya, TSE Automotive Test Center Department Head Gökhan Özkök, TSE Eskişehir Manager İsmail Kaynarca, Industry and Technology Eskişehir Provincial Director Muhammet Taha Güven, TEI General Manager Prof. Dr. Mahmut Faruk Akşit, Tülomsaş General Manager Hayrı Avcı, Arçelik Refrigerator Product Director Ayhan Önder, Arçelik Human Resources Manager Çağlar Taşkın.

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