The New Opel Astra Gets Electrified
49 Germany

The New Opel Astra Gets Electrified

German automobile giant Opel has released the first images of the new Opel Astra-e. The brand with the Şimşek logo is preparing to add the all-electric version of the 2022 Golden Steering Wheel Award-winning Astra to its decades-old success story. this is opel [more…]

HURJET Reaches Landing Gear
06 Ankara

HÜRJET Received Landing Gear

Developed by TAI, HÜRJET was captured on the landing gear while being pulled from the hangar. TUSAŞ Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Rafet Bozdoğan had announced that the HURJET planes were largely completed in terms of structure. Turkish Aerospace [more…]

Firat Nursery Living Park Will Breathe Buca
35 Izmir

Fırat Nursery Will Breathe Living Park in Buca

The works for transforming the Euphrates Nursery, designed as a 30 thousand square meter recreational area that will give Buca a breath of fresh air, to a Living Park, are continuing rapidly. It is of great importance with its close proximity to 5 neighborhoods in Buca. [more…]

Rent Increase Rate in School Canteens Fixed to Percent

Rent Increase Rate in School Canteens Fixed to 25 Percent

The regulation containing the Amendment to the Regulation on the School-Parent Association of the Ministry of National Education was published in the Official Gazette. According to the temporary article added to the regulation, the rental prices of canteens and similar places in schools, whose contract period exceeds one year, [more…]