All-Electric New Peugeot e
33 France

All-Electric New Peugeot e-208

Peugeot e-208 reaches a range of 2021 kilometers by adding 6,5 percent more (Approximately 22 kilometers) to its range, which was increased by 10,5 percent (+38 kilometers) with the optimization made at the end of 400, with the use of new technologies. in 2023 [more…]

Olive Loyalty Meeting Held in Seferihisar
35 Izmir

'Olive Loyalty Meeting' Held in Seferihisar

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who attended the Olive Loyalty Meeting held in Seferihisar Tunç Soyer“Olive is one of the most important values ​​for us. In this universe, it is even older than humanity. We should not fail to respect olives," he said. [more…]

Wooden Bridge Competition Held in GAUN
27 Gaziantep

Wooden Bridge Competition Held at GAÜN

The 'Wooden Bridge Competition' traditionally organized by Gaziantep University (GAÜN) Civil Engineering Department, Assoc. Dr. Nildem Tayşi and Assoc. Dr. It was done under the coordination of Mehmet Tolga Göğüş. Participants as a team design and [more…]

Symptom of Insulin Resistance

11 Symptoms of Insulin Resistance

Memorial Health Group Medstar Topcular Hospital Ex. Dr. İbrahim Aydın talked about what should be known about insulin resistance. Specialist Dr. İbrahim Aydın said, “Insulin is an important hormone that brings blood sugar to normal levels. Eat [more…]