Skoda Trams Celebrate Its Age
420 Czech Republic

Skoda Trams Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Even after 140 years of existence, electric trams are still very popular all over the world and the demand for electric trams is increasing due to the trend towards green technologies. Trams are both energy efficient and capable of carrying. [more…]

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What is this loadcell?

A load cell is a device used to measure weight or force. It works by converting the applied force into an electrical signal that can then be measured and used to determine the magnitude of the force. This makes load cells industrial [more…]

Sprayed Concrete Measure in Altinyol
35 Izmir

Shotcrete Precaution in Altınyol!

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the effect of precipitation in Altınyol Turan region, removed the pieces of rock that fell on the road by breaking off the mountain slope yesterday evening, allowing the road to be opened to traffic. The teams that started the cleaning works in the area had a similar [more…]

Railway Workers Strike in England
44 UK

UK Railroad Workers' Strike Continues

With the strike of the British railway workers, life came to a standstill. Railway workers, who decided to strike after failing to reach an agreement on wages and working conditions in England, continue their 48-hour strike. throughout the strike [more…]

Read Me Balikesir Application Brings Various Gifts
10 Balikesir

'Read Me Balıkesir' Application Brings Various Gifts

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality's “Read Me Balıkesir” application brings various gifts. In the application, which is opened by scanning the QR code, those who give the most correct answers to the questions every month are rewarded with surprise gifts. most accurate in November [more…]