Why is Osteoporosis More Common in Women?

Why Is Osteoporosis More Common in Women?

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Associate Professor Ahmet İnanır gave important information on the subject. Osteoporosis, known as osteoporosis, is a condition in which the bones in the body become weak and brittle as a result of the decrease in their hardness. [more…]

Opel End of Year Deals

Year-End Deals from Opel

Opel Turkey draws attention with its special offers in both passenger and commercial vehicle models in December. Offering various opportunities to its customers in attractive passenger cars and SUV models, Opel is a successful commercial vehicle [more…]

Kia Named 'Car Manufacturer of the Year'
82 Korea (South)

Kia Named 'Car Manufacturer of the Year'

TopGear, the automobile program that has been followed by the whole world since 1977, awarded the best brands and models of the year with its award program in England. In the organization organized under the name of 'Topgear.com Awards', Kia was named 'The Year of the Year'. [more…]

Tips for Improving Brain and Memory

Tips to Improve Brain and Memory

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Hospital Neurology Specialist Prof. Dr. Sultan Tarlacı made three important recommendations for developing brain and memory. It is possible to improve the brain and memory with some routines that will add to life in daily life. [more…]

Don't Know About Epilepsy

What You Didn't Know About Epilepsy

Şanlıurfa Provincial Health Directorate Balıklıgöl State Hospital Neurology Specialist Dr. Serkan Topçu told about the unknown about Epilepsy (Sara Disease). Epilepsy, also known as epilepsy among the people, is a condition in a part of the brain. [more…]

Preparations for the Loan Package for EYT Severance Pay Started

Credit Package Preparations Started for EYT Severance Pay

Minister of Treasury and Finance Nabati announced that preparations have been started for the loan package, which will allow employers to meet the burden of severance pay with appropriate financing conditions, following the Regulation on the Aged Retirement (EYT). Minister Nabati, severance pay for employers [more…]