The Puff Point of the Winter Diet

8 Tips for the Winter Diet

Acıbadem Dr. Sinasi Can (Kadıköy) Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Tuba Sungur explained the 8 rules to be considered in the winter diet, gave warnings and suggestions. “Do not skip meals” With the cold weather in winter [more…]

Beware of This Inflammation in Men

Beware of This Inflammation in Men!

Urology Specialist Op.Dr.Muharrem Murat Yıldız gave important information about the subject. Scientific studies have shown that 50% of men suffer from prostatitis at least once in their lifetime. "prostate fever" among the people, [more…]

Baskent Kart Won Another Prize
06 Ankara

Başkent Kart Won Another Award

“Fast Company Turkey” magazine, which takes the pulse of the companies that shape the business world and the sectors in the fields of technology, creativity and innovation, offers a wide range of products from technology to energy, from food to banking under the name of “Most Innovative 50”. [more…]

medical patient chair
Guest Post

Sofa Models for Special Needs

Medical patient chair are chair models specially prepared for people in need. These armchair models, which are specially produced with the quality of technocomfort and at the same time with the production team, are personal. medical [more…]

Caravan Boat Outdoor and Equipment
35 Izmir

TTI Outdoor İzmir was Visited by 22 People

TTI Outdoor Camping, Caravan, Boat, Outdoor and Equipment Fair, organized together with the 16th TTI İzmir International Tourism Trade Fair and Congress, organized in partnership with İZFAŞ and TÜRSAB Fair Organization, is the second time this year. [more…]

Great Interest in Udma Cheese Museum and Restaurant
27 Gaziantep

Great Interest in Udma Cheese Museum and Restaurant

The "Udma Cheese Museum and Restaurant", which started to serve about 4 months ago within the scope of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, attracts great attention from the visitors. As a result of the restoration of the Old Bath in Kozluca District of Şahinbey District of Gaziantep. [more…]

Smart City Academy in Bursa was brought to life
16 Bursa

Smart City Academy Launched in Bursa

Continuing its smart city planning activities at full speed in order to implement the innovations brought by technology in Bursa in daily life, the Metropolitan Municipality has implemented the 'Smart City Academy' in order to raise awareness and announce the applications to large masses. In Turkey [more…]

Hyundai IONIQ Received Two Awards in One Day
82 Korea (South)

Hyundai IONIQ 5 Wins Two Awards in One Day

Hyundai's all-electric SUV, the IONIQ 5, won the "Imported Car of the Year 2022-2023" award at the Car of the Year (JCOTY) competition in Japan. The IONIQ 5, the first model of Hyundai's battery electric vehicle (BEV) brand, rivals its strong rivals. [more…]

TUSASa First Prize in InovaLIG Competition
06 Ankara

First Prize to TAI in InovaLIG Competition

Within the scope of the Turkey Innovation Week organized by the Turkish Exporters' Assembly, the winners of the InovaLIG competition, in which the innovation champions of Turkey were determined, were announced. Turkish Aerospace Industry, innovation approach and innovation carried out within the company [more…]