Junioshow Excitement Begins in January
16 Bursa

Junioshow Excitement Begins on January 11

Junioshow Fair, the gateway to the baby and children's clothing industry in Bursa, will be held on 11-14 January 2023. It will be held under the leadership of BTSO, with the strong organization experience of KFA Fair Organization, with the support of BEKSİAD, UTİB and UHKİB. [more…]

Talent Discovery in Aycicegi Bicycle Valley
54 Sakarya

Talent Discovery in Sunflower Bike Valley

Within the scope of the Metropolitan Municipality's safe cycling trainings, a group of 43 students spent a fun and informative day at Sunflower Bicycle Valley. It is a safe project that is carried out by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality six days a week. [more…]

'Winter Hope in Bursa's Dams
16 Bursa

'Winter' Hope in Bursa's Dams

The Metropolitan Municipality continues uninterruptedly its plans and investments realized by BUSKI in order to 'to minimize the impact of Bursa from the problems experienced due to climate changes all over the world'. Currently, there is a 60-day water reserve in the dams, [more…]

Extreme Cup Final Boluda
14 Bolu

2022 Extreme Cup Final in Bolu

The fifth and final race of the 2022 Extreme Cup, organized in memory of Edip Yaşar Kurtoğlu, will be organized by the Bolu Offroad Club (BOLOFF) on 24-25 December. On the BOLOFF offroad track in Bolu Çakmaklar locality [more…]

First Journalism Congress Organized
34 Istanbul

'First Journalism Congress' Organized

The "First Journalism Congress" was organized by the World Association of Journals (DERGİBİR) to address new developments and problems in the field of journalism. Presidency of Communications, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Istanbul University (IU) [more…]

Where to Stay in Rotterdam
Guest Post

Where to Stay in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city located in the western Netherlands. It is famous for its modern architecture, world-class museums and bustling harbour. With so much to see and do in Rotterdam, it's the right place to stay [more…]

Tram Annunciation from President Karalar
01 Adana

'Tram' Good News from President Karalar

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar stated that they are waiting for the approval of the Presidency for the second phase of the light rail system, and that they will take action to build a tram to the city in the next process. President Zeydan Karalar, Çukurova Club [more…]

High School Teens in Bursa Relieve Stress With Bowling
34 Istanbul

High School Teens Relieve Stress with Bowling in Bursa

In the High School Bowling Event held within the scope of the Metropolitan School Sports Activities (BOSE) organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, approximately 2000 students relieved stress and had fun. with the Provincial Directorate of National Education of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

Hyundai Introduces New B SUV Model KONA
82 Korea (South)

Hyundai Introduces New B-SUV Model KONA

Hyundai Motor Company has released the first images promoting the new generation of the B-SUV model KONA. Developed on the basis of an all-electric model, the New KONA stands out with a futuristic design. Upgraded over previous generation [more…]

EGIAD Advisory Board Created Agenda
35 Izmir

EGİAD Advisory Board Sets Agenda

Aegean Young Businessmen Association, which hosts the protocol names of the Izmir business world and is a guide in the working area of ​​the association (EGİAD) The Advisory Board held the last meeting of the year with a wide participation of İZQ Entrepreneurship and [more…]