Language Education and Accommodation in England
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Language Education and Accommodation in the UK 2023

Since English language schools are high quality and well-established institutions, language education in the UK is the first option preferred by students. There are hundreds of language schools in England approved by the British Council. Most of the language schools are London, Cambridge, Oxford, [more…]

Fragrance Spice Museum Hosts Academic Studies
27 Gaziantep

Rayiha Spice Museum Hosts Academic Studies

Rayiha Spice Museum, where 132 kinds of spices are exhibited in Gaziantep, also hosts academic studies. History of 132 different spice varieties on the ground floor of Rayiha Spice Museum, which was opened by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Restoration Started in Tariki Selimiye Mansion
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Restoration Started in Tariki Selimiye Konak

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has brought historical monuments to the future with its restoration works in recent years, has started a restoration in the historical Selimiye Konak in Altınordu. To the Köymen family in Hamam Street in Altınordu Selimiye District, which was expropriated in 2013. [more…]

Beware of Frequent Hand Problem

Attention to Common Hand Problem!

Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Op.Dr.Alperen Korucu gave important information about the subject. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a progressive disorder involving the first three fingers of one or both hands. formed in the middle of the wrist [more…]

IzDonusum Waste Collection Vehicle Fleet Buys
35 Izmir

IzConversion Waste Collection Vehicle Fleet Grows

Works on the İzTransformation project, initiated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality company İzDoğa, are continuing rapidly. Within the scope of the project, İzDoğa invested in a vehicle fleet consisting of 10 waste collection trucks and 10 electric motorcycles. pre-commissioned [more…]

Sms Confirmation and Advantages

Sms Approval and Advantages

Sms confirmation service and virtual number sector is a rapidly developing digital service provided to ensure data security of individuals. They are disposable numbers. The user has purchased the site that needs the phone number [more…]

Office furnitures

Office furnitures

Office furniture and decoration designs created in the office should be prepared to make the office look bright and spacious. Especially in the office, it is expected that a concept suitable for long working hours will be created and the whole room will be decorated accordingly. [more…]

National Defense Department

Ministry of National Defense to Recruit 15 Assistant Inspectors

To be employed in the Presidency of the Inspection Board of the Ministry of National Defense; Pursuant to the provisions of the “Regulation on the Inspection Board of the Ministry of National Defense”, for the purpose of recruiting 9 (fifteen) Assistant Inspectors with the 15th degree from the General Administrative Services class. [more…]

Percent of Turkey Uses Instagram

58 percent of Turkey uses Instagram

In this period, where attention spans are shortened and content consumption is increasing, video content has become one of the most used marketing tools by brands. The total number of Instagram users in Turkey is 52 million, YouTube number of users [more…]

Disaster Risk Management is of Vital Importance
34 Istanbul

Disaster Risk Management Is Vital

Üsküdar University Vocational School of Health Services Environmental Health – Emergency and Disaster Management Department Head Lecturer Tuğçe Yılmaz Karan made an assessment on disaster risks. Emergency and [more…]

Cyber ​​Threats Awaiting the World in XNUMX

Cyber ​​Threats Awaiting the World in 2023

Laykon Bilişim has announced its predictions for cyber security trends that will come to the fore in 2023. ​Alev Akkoyunlu, Operations Director of Laykon Bilişim, Turkey distributor of Bitdefender Antivirus, Alev Akkoyunlu, Operations Director of Laykon Bilişim [more…]

Is Gaziray Free Until The End Of The Year?
27 Gaziantep

Is Gaziray Free Until The End Of The Year?

The decision regarding Gaziray in Gaziantep to provide free service until the end of the year was published in the Official Gazette. Regarding Gaziray's free service until the end of the year, which was announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, [more…]