Minister Varank Attended Cyber ​​Vatan Project Certificate Ceremony

Minister Varank Attended Cyber ​​Vatan Project Certificate Ceremony
Minister Varank Attended Cyber ​​Vatan Project Certificate Ceremony

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank advised the young people to examine the support of the state and our ministry, and I hope we will continue to make our young people's companionship with them.

Varank met with students at the Development Agencies Cyber ​​Vatan Project certificate ceremony held at Akdeniz University in Antalya.

Asking the students how they participate in the programs, their goals and how they benefit from government support, Varank also advised them to start their own businesses.


Explaining that the Cyber ​​Homeland Project is a project that has been developed and put into practice with the Development Agencies, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Varank said that with the project, they want the young people to specialize after receiving basic education and to develop themselves in informatics and especially in cyber security in the fields Turkey needs.

Noting that they have created a synergy with the Presidency of Defense Industries and the Digital Transformation Office and the Cyber ​​Vatan Project, Varank noted that the Presidency of Defense Industries is a cyber security cluster and that they have brought together companies operating in this field and accomplished very valuable works for the future of Turkey.

Stating that they directed the work done in this field to the whole of Turkey with the Development Agencies, Varank said:

“We will include our young people in this program from the very beginning of their university life, and before they graduate, these friends will become experts in the field they want to focus on. As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we are one of the ministries that invest the most in our youth and students with KOSGEB, TÜBİTAK and Development Agencies and the central organization of our Ministry. We have many different supports, starting from primary school, to university education, to our scientists doing post-university science.”

Underlining that there is nothing that young people cannot achieve if they are given the opportunity and the path is cleared, Varank stated that the average age of those who produce the unmanned aerial vehicles that the world is talking about is below 30 and that many young software developers and entrepreneurs have implemented very important projects.


Stating that Turkey has written a legend in technology-based entrepreneurship, Varank said that the city that received the most investment in the game industry in the first two quarters was Istanbul.


Stating that they see great talents in young people, Varank continued his words as follows:

“We can now see the return of our investments in Turkey in 20 years. When we came to power in Turkey, there were only 76 universities. Going to university was something that only some, only privileged people, could do. We currently have 208 universities. We are making these investments so that our students from all over Turkey can continue to university and receive their education. When we came to power, there were 5 technoparks on paper in Turkey, only one of them had 3 companies and it was in its infancy. We currently have over 90 technoparks.”

Stating that the capacity of the technopark in Antalya is completely full, Varank stated that investors not only from Turkey but also from foreign countries have applied to move their companies to the technoparks here.


Stating that a great ecosystem has been created in Turkey with research infrastructures and the support given to students and scientists with TÜBİTAK, Varank said that with these investments, students can chart their own path and become entrepreneurs.

Varank, who made suggestions to students to start their own businesses, said:

“If you are starting university, your first thought in the background of your mind is 'I'll graduate from this school, I'll get into a company there, I'll get my salary, I won't have a headache.' not be. If you are starting university, our state, especially the Ministry of Industry and Technology, has very serious supports, scholarships and guidance in the field of entrepreneurship. 'How can I set up my own business, how can I be an employer, not a job seeker?' I think my young friends should start their education life by thinking about this first. Let's try to take advantage of the opportunities we provide. Let them establish their own initiatives and draw their own roadmaps. Let them stand on their own feet. Thus, they can undertake more successful, more value-added works. The risks you take at the beginning of your life will be much more rewarding for you. I think you probably don't have a friend here who knows me. I've never sat down with any of you sohbet I don't know if we did. But you didn't need any middleman to come here. The processes are very clear and objective.”

Minister Varank met with Sadican Üstün, a student of the Department of International Trade, who was involved in the Cyber ​​Homeland Project in 2019 after the program and started his own business with his 10 friends with the support of KOSGEB 3 months ago. sohbet He.

Learning that Üstün participated in the Cyber ​​Vatan Project with the guidance of his teachers at the university while continuing his education and working as a truck driver, Varank asked him if he had put a car in the process of establishing his own company and if he had an "uncle" somewhere.

When Üstün stated that he was an entrepreneur with his own effort and KOSGEB support, Varank said:

No matter what job they do, no matter what field they want to study in, they should continue in that field, but first, in a corner of their minds, 'How can I do my own business, how can I stand on my own feet, how can I be an employer, not a job seeker, how can I establish my own enterprise?' always be this. While keeping this in the back of their minds, they should definitely examine the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and other institutions and organizations of our state. Our state provides serious support and investments in these areas.

Explaining that the Ministry of Industry and Technology, with the support of TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB, gives very serious support to young people who want to advance in the sector, establish their own initiative, and work in different fields, Varank stated that Sadican Üstün is one of the students who benefit from these supports.

Students explained how they participated in the program.

In the program with the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank sohbet Selim Sürmelihindi, one of the students who attended the program, said that he did not need any intermediary to participate in the program, and that he applied with the information of his professors at the university.

Baturalp Güvenç, who attended the training from Konya, noted that all students are offered the same opportunities and that those who want to improve themselves in this field can benefit from such opportunities.

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