polycystic ovary is not an obstacle to motherhood

Polycystic Ovary Does Not Prevent Motherhood

"Polycystic Ovary Syndrome", which is seen especially in overweight women, can make it difficult to have children. Anadolu Medical Center Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist stated that women who have this problem also have the chance to become mothers with IVF treatment, [more…]

Quality life is possible in kidney disease

Quality Life is Possible in Kidney Disease

While many wrong behaviors we do in daily life, from unhealthy diet to inactivity, from excessive salt consumption to insufficient water consumption, disrupt the health of our kidneys; The number of kidney patients has been increasing rapidly both in the world and in our country in recent years. Acıbadem University Faculty of Medicine Nephrology [more…]

The fly fly in the eyes can be a sign of illness

Fly Fly In The Eye Can Be A Messenger Of Disease

Complaints such as flashing light or flying fly may be the harbinger of "retinal detachment" disease known as retinal rupture. Drawing attention to the importance of early diagnosis in retinal diseases, Dünyagöz Etiler Op. Dr. Fevzi Akkan, “Vision loss in retinal diseases [more…]

Balikesir switches to clean energy in public transport
10 Balikesir

Balıkesir Switches to Clean Energy in Public Transport

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality added 65 buses powered by clean energy compressed natural gas to its vehicle fleet in order to ensure energy efficiency and emission reduction in transportation. Buses, which do not pollute the air with their technology, will serve on the streets of Balıkesir in June. [more…]

new audi a dazzles with sporty design details

New Audi A3 Dazzles With Sporty Design Details

Audi's premium offered for sale in Turkey with successful representative of the fourth generation of the A3 compact class. The new A3 Sportback, which is an exemplary model of digitization in its class, is available with two different body options, namely the Sedan. On both bodies, two equipment [more…]

these misconceptions about diabetes can delay your treatment

Myths About Diabetes

The epidemic of our age, diabetes threatens children as well as adults. A healthy diet, a lively life and maintaining ideal weight are of great importance both in terms of preventing diabetes and controlling the disease. also [more…]

Renewable energy investment from dogus automotive
34 Istanbul

Renewable Energy Investment from Doğuş Otomotiv

Doğuş Otomotiv takes another important step in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and establishes a solar energy system in order to generate electricity at its center in Şekerpınar. In the first phase of the project, approximately 12.5 million TL [more…]

Normalization intensity in Izmir traffic
35 Izmir

Normalization Intensity in İzmir Traffic

With the beginning of the controlled normalization period, the end of the flexible working practice in the public and the transition to face-to-face education in some classrooms in schools, a noticeable density started in İzmir traffic. The number of motor vehicles using the main arteries has increased by up to 55 percent. [more…]

Maria Yakovleva
7 Russia

Russian Moscow Metro Historical Story of Women Waders

When the Russia Moscow Metro was established, it was envisaged that only male attendants could work. For the main occupation of the metro, only male attendants were working. According to the new law, women can now work! After the events spread within the scope of 8 March International Women's Day [more…]