Balıkesir Switches to Clean Energy in Public Transport

Balikesir switches to clean energy in public transport
Balikesir switches to clean energy in public transport

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality added 65 buses powered by clean energy compressed natural gas to its vehicle fleet in order to ensure energy efficiency and emission reduction in transportation. Buses, which do not pollute the air with their technology, will start serving on the streets of Balıkesir in June.

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality; It continues to work on environmentally friendly, nature and human beings, and renewable energy sources. Continuing the preparations for the "Climate Change Action Plan", the Metropolitan Municipality is strengthening its vehicle fleet with economical and ecological CNG (compressed natural gas) fueled buses. The Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems, which purchases 65 buses to be used in public transportation throughout the II; Instead of fuel-powered vehicles, modern CNG fueled buses will reduce the emission of public transport, reduce the negative impact on the environment and provide energy efficiency.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented the transition to green economy in urban transportation in order to implement the sustainable cities concept in Balıkesir, will also establish a filling station for CNG fueled vehicles. With clean energy buses that will start serving on the streets of Balıkesir in June; 2.660.688,00 grams less carbon monoxide emission per year will be made. With the new buses that prioritize environmental health, it is aimed to prevent air pollution. In addition, there will be ramps for disabled people in buses in order to enable them to reach easily.

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