Guest Post

When to Change Passenger Tires?

It is not possible to make predictions or point out a precise point about the life of a tire. Passenger tire life varies according to factors such as mileage, tire design, driver habits, seasons, road conditions and tire maintenance. [more…]

tcg will be the anatolian ship
Sea Defence


In a special interview on NTV, Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir gave important information to TCG ANADOLU about the S / UAV systems to be deployed. An armed unmanned aerial vehicle will be deployed on the TCG ANADOLU amphibious assault ship. [more…]

Capital Markets Board

Capital Markets Board to Recruit 10 IT Assistant Specialists

An entrance examination for the selection of a sufficient number of candidate personnel for up to 8 "Assistant IT Specialists" with an 10th degree permanent staff in the General Administration Services class to be assigned in the Istanbul Representation of the Capital Markets Board (the Board), taking into account their success. [more…]

Physical activity recommendations for online students

Physical Activity Suggestions for Online Students

Due to the pandemic conditions we have been in for about a year, children who have been receiving distance education had to be locked at home and their physical activities were restricted. This inactivity also causes various problems. Increasing movement and inactivity with physical activity [more…]

TOSFED Digital Winter Cups Ended

TOSFED Digital Winter Cups Ended

Turkey Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) by Red Bull Gaming Ground under the umbrella of Sports Toto, Media Markt and organized with the support of G-SHOCK Digital Winter Cup was completed with the third and final week of the race. Continuing for 3 weeks in February [more…]

diseases caused by obesity

What are the Diseases Caused by Obesity?

Increasing time spent at home, inactivity and snacking within the scope of combating the global epidemic for the last year, accelerates weight gain, and causes obesity, which is the dangerous disease of the modern age, to become widespread. World Health Organization (WHO) " [more…]

Special ticket for Moscow metro
7 Russia

Private Ticket for Moscow Metro

Moscow Metro passengers can now get a personal Troika card with photos and names. Troika users can do this through the Moscow Metro mobile app, from the Moscow Metro's gift shop or website ( Passengers can choose from nine design options [more…]

direct flights from Bursa to Istanbul airport started
16 Bursa

Direct Bus Flights from Bursa to Istanbul Airport Started

The BBBUS Bus services of Burulaş, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, started direct flights to Istanbul Airport after Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Smart intersection applications, road widening works, new rail system lines and transportation with planned bridge intersections [more…]

prime gaming announced free games for the month of March

Prime Gaming Announces Free Games for March

Prime Gaming members will be able to get Blasphemous, Boomerang Fu, Tengami, Bomber Crew and Sky Drift games for free in March. Amazon Prime Gaming Turkey, announced the selection of free games in March. Amazon Prime members this month Blasphemous, Boomerang [more…]

Are Children Fear Normal

Are Children's Fears Normal?

Expert Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. If you are worried about your child's fears and wondering if his / her fear is normal, then you should know; Children experience different fears at all ages. For example; 1 year old [more…]