Precautions to prevent nail ingrown

8 Precautions To Prevent Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails, which can cause complaints such as redness, swelling and pain in the finger and nail edge, is a common disorder in the society. In patients with advanced ingrown toenails, it becomes difficult to wear shoes, socks frequently get dirty, inflammation and abscess [more…]

wondering question and answer about water

8 Questions and Answers About Water

It is described as the most important element for human life after oxygen. Our lives are in danger even when it is reduced by only 10 percent in our body. In the digestion, absorption and transport of the nutrients we consume to the cells… In the control of our body temperature… In short, the whole life [more…]

tcdd transportation

TCDD Tasimacilik 2020-2 KPSS Assignment List

You can access the list of personnel who have been appointed and assigned to TCDD Tasimacilik AS with the 2020-2 KPSS central assignment from the link below. ATTENTION: This announcement also replaces the notification. Candidates who see their assignment in the list, [more…]

TCDD Tasimacilik general manager pezuk continues to examine
34 Istanbul

Pezük: A Disciplined System With Railway Priority

Hasan Pezük, General Manager of TCDD Transportation, continued his study trips with the establishment's Istanbul Region workplaces. Pezük's first stop was Kapıkule Logistics Directorate during the study tour. At Kapıkule, which is our border gate to Europe, we can monitor the operations of export and import trains. [more…]

turkiyenin most prestigious school of logistics enterprises was elected
34 Istanbul

Turkey Ekol Logistics Company was selected the Most Respected

Ekol Logistics, Marketing Turkey and Akademetre organized in cooperation with "The One Awards, Integrated Marketing Awards" were selected as the most reputable company in the category for the second time in the logistics sector. Winners of The ONE Awards; in 12 provinces in total, with one thousand two hundred people [more…]

Led Light for Traffic Lights
81 Plain

Led Light for Traffic Lights in Düzce

Düzce Municipality is installing its own production LED lighting system in order to prevent the drivers from being exposed to traffic light rule violations. It is aimed to improve the weaknesses in sight and stopping distances by installing LED lamps in the existing traffic signaling system. By Düzce Municipality, [more…]

tourism values ​​of the scholarship at the international tourism fair in moscow
16 Bursa

Tourism Values ​​of Bursa at Moscow International Tourism Fair

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Foreign Relations Department, which participated in the Moscow International Tourism Fair (MITT), one of the largest and most important tourism fairs of the world, introduced the tourism values ​​of Bursa, especially thermal resources, to tourism professionals in the Russian market. Prestigious of the world [more…]