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What is a Boutique Hotel?

Boutique hotels, which have experienced a great flare especially recently, are in more demand than ever. However, in general, many people have a clear idea about the qualities that boutique hotels should have and [more…]

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Places to visit in Cappadocia with Cappadocia Tour

The name Cappadocia is thought to come from the word 'katpatu-ka' in the ancient Persian language, but there are also different opinions. In an inscription belonging to Wasusarma, the ruler of the Talba Kingdom that ruled before the Persians in the region, the strength and purity of the horses bred in the region is mentioned. It [more…]

First message from the central bank president fight
06 Ankara

First Message from Central Bank Governor Kavcıoğlu

Central Bank Governor Şahap Kavcıoğlu took office. Kavcioglu, a written statement, in line with the fundamental objective of achieving lasting decline in inflation in the framework of the duties and powers defined by law, the Central Bank of Turkey continue to use monetary policy tools in an effective manner [more…]

New World Record for GDE from Turk Telekom

New World Record in 5G from Türk Telekom

The leader of Turkey's Turk Telekom digital transformation, experimenting new technologies, with the goal of becoming a producing and exporting countries in their work continues unabated. Türk Telekom in the test it carried out with Nokia on 5G test network, 4.5 Gbps [more…]

Children grew fat during the pandemic process

Children Fatten During the Pandemic Period

The pandemic process has caused big changes in everyone's lives. Anadolu Medical Center Nutrition and Diet Specialist Tuba Örnek, who stated that home, school and business life now have different dynamics, noted that especially children's eating patterns [more…]

Sunday waste freezing to the tables with agriculture
34 Istanbul

Market Waste Is Returning to Tables Through Agriculture

Organic wastes collected from markets and businesses for a clean and sustainable environment in Beykoz turn into nature as soil improvement compost and worm fertilizer in agriculture, then turn into healthy foods and turn into tables. Developed by Beykoz Municipality in line with the "Zero Waste" targets [more…]

google award came to recycling project

Google Award Come To Recycling Project 'We'

Çağrı Serpin and his friends, who developed a project where people can earn points that they can use in many areas such as transportation balance in return for giving recyclable materials such as plastic to vending machines, won the first place in the competition organized by Google. Google Developer Student Clubs [more…]

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Hijab Clothing Blouse Models

One of the fashion products you can choose in all seasons is the blouse model. You can easily access these fashion products that arouse great interest in the field of hijab clothing. With these special clothes, which are both stylish and affordable, you can [more…]

Ankara station

Today in History: 21 March at 1925 Ankara Station

Today in History, Station Hotel was opened in the Steering Building in Ankara Station on 21 March 1925. Ground floor restaurant 7 rooms upstairs. 6 liras a night. Atatürk, İsmet Pasha and their relatives remained in the building which is a museum today.