kars akyaka train service starts in march
36 Kars

Kars Akyaka Train Flights Start on March 20

TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Kars-Akyaka train services, which were temporarily suspended by Corona virus measures on March 28, 2020, will restart on March 20, 2021. Re-starting train services, which are of great importance in passenger transportation between Kars-Akyaka [more…]

fear of coronovirus can make children sick

Fear of Coronavirus Can Make Children Sick

Children who spend time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic become less sick because there is no risk of contamination. However, avoiding going to the doctor and hospital with the concern of Covid-19 causes late diagnosis of some childhood diseases and treatment processes. [more…]

bingol starboard road will be completed in year
12 Bingol

Bingöl Starboard Road Will Be Opened In 2022

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, came to Bingöl for a series of visits and examinations. Karaismailoğlu, who examined the construction site on the Bingöl-Sancak Provincial Road, stated that the total length of the road project, which costs 490 million lira, is 32,5 kilometers. [more…]

pay attention to diabetes in overweight patients

Attention to Diabetes in Overweight People!

General Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Fahri Yetişir gave information on the subject. Many hormones play an active role in maintaining the sugar balance in the human body. The most important of these is the hormone called insulin. Insulin is secreted from the pancreas and blood sugar [more…]

Serial production of pars x tracker tool begins

Serial Production of PARS 6 × 6 SCOUT Vehicle Starts

With the initiation of the tender by the Presidency of Defense Industry (SSB) to develop Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle in line with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, FNSS will show the vehicle concept that will best meet the project requirements before signing the contract. [more…]

When will cukurova regional airport be opened?
01 Adana

When Will Çukurova Regional Airport Be Opened?

Kozuva Group of Companies undertaking the superstructure construction of Çukurova Regional Airport and Çerkezköy Süleyman Kozuva, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that they aim to complete the works in the third quarter of 2022. Çukurova Regional Airport superstructure tender winner [more…]

The Historic Batiayaz Bridge is Repaired
31 Hatay

Historic West White Bridge is being Repaired

Hatay Metropolitan Municipality will start the repair of the damage on the historic Batıayaz Bridge this month. HBB teams are responsible for the repair of the damage caused by the impact of a construction machine in September of last year, because the bridge is a 1st Degree Registered Building. [more…]

samsun steep railway is indispensable
28 Giresun

We Cannot Have Samsun Sarp Railway Project

Giresun City Council President Mürşit Gürel stated that Samsun Sarp railway project will make a great contribution to the region and said, “We will follow this project”. Giresun City Council President Mürşit Gürel stated that they will follow the Samsun-Sarp railway project, with the realization of the project [more…]

Sivas is getting ready for a high speed train
58 Sivas

Sivas is Preparing for High Speed ​​Train

Sivas is getting ready for 'High Speed ​​Train' A workshop on "Fast Travel to the Future - High Speed ​​Train" was organized by the Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A "Fast Travel to the Future-High Speed ​​Train" workshop was organized by the Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In Sivas, the most [more…]