counseling for children and adolescents

All About Child Therapy and Adolescent Therapy

child therapy and adolescent therapy; To help both the family and the child-adolescent for the problems that may arise in the developmental period, to continue the growth and development of a healthy individual, to solve the problems in a constructive way from the eyes of an expert. [more…]

adana to mersin train service start
01 Adana

Adana Mersin Train Flights Start

Labor and democracy platforms in Adana and Mersin made simultaneous press statements in front of the stations to start Adana-Mersin train services. United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Adana Branch, reading the joint press text [more…]

ice laser prices

Şişli Ice Laser Prices

The process performed with technological laser devices to reduce or eliminate hair in selected areas is called laser epilation. This process is done by applying laser epilation devices to the hair follicles by adjusting the appropriate intensity. [more…]

tianwen posted new photos showing marsin landforms
86 China

Tianwen-1 Sent New Photos Showing Mars' Landforms

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) has released high-resolution images sent by the Mars exploration vehicle Tianwen-1. In the statement made by CNSA, it was reported that Tianwen-1 sent two black and white images and one color image. According to the statement, [more…]

Down payment fraud in real estate ads

Down Payment Fraud In Real Estate Ads!

Fraudsters who make false advertisements on websites by pretending to own immovable properties that do not belong to them continue to victimize citizens. Ads given by the owner in many different types of real estate, from flats for rent to land for sale. [more…]

Kastamonu does not give up on the railway dream
37 Kastamonu

Connecting Kastamonu to the Railway Network is Very Important

CHP Deputy Hasan Baltacı personally conveyed Kastamonu's request for railway to the Minister at the meeting held with the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Public Works, Reconstruction, Transport and Tourism Commission, Adil Karaismailoğlu, of which he is a member. Axeman also [more…]