Yedikuyular ski resort starts on the weekend.

Weekend Bus Trips Start to Yedikuyular Ski Center

With the "Re-Controlled Normalization" process, Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality will organize public transport services at the Yedikuyular Ski Center at the weekend. The first weekend flight to be held was announced on Saturday, March 6 (tomorrow). Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality, winter [more…]

counseling for children and adolescents

All About Child Therapy and Adolescent Therapy

Child therapy and adolescent therapy; It aims to help both the family and the child-adolescent for the problems that may arise in the developmental period, to continue the growth and development of a healthy individual, and to address the problems from the perspective of an expert in a constructive way. Childhood [more…]

Izmir eshot metro tram izdeniz and izbana saturday arrangement
35 Izmir

Public Transport Saturday Arrangement in Izmir

With the end of the curfew on Saturdays, public transportation will be reshaped in Izmir. Travel frequencies will be increased in ESHOT, Metro, Tram, İZDENİZ and İZBAN. Public transportation organizations affiliated to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, ESHOT, Izmir Metro, Izmir [more…]

firat university

Fırat University Will Recruit 112 Health Personnel

With the advertisement published by Fırat University Rectorate, it was announced that 112 contracted health personnel will be recruited. In accordance with Article 657 / B of Law No. 4, to be assigned to our University Hospital, Faculty of Dentistry, Animal Hospital and Experimental Research Center affiliated to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine [more…]

adana to mersin train service start
01 Adana

Adana Mersin Train Flights Start

Labor and democracy platforms in Adana and Mersin made simultaneous press statements in front of the stations to start Adana-Mersin train services. United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Adana Branch President Tonguç Özkan and BTS, reading the joint press text [more…]

South Korean partner of the Eurasia Tunnel puts a percentage share on sale
34 Istanbul

Surprise Share Sale in the Eurasia Tunnel!

The South Korean partner of the Eurasia Tunnel has put 18 percent of its minority shares up for sale. The tunnel is often on the agenda due to high tolls and Treasury guarantees. SK Group, the South Korean partner of the Eurasia Tunnel, wants to sell its 18 percent minority shares. [more…]

In the US, the freight train derailed, the wagon got into each other
1 America

US Freight Train Derails, 44 Wagons Come Together

In the state of California, USA, 44 wagons were entangled as a result of a freight train derailment. While there were no deaths or injuries in the accident, large-scale material damage occurred. To a private cargo company in the Southern California desert of the United States [more…]

Postural Disorders Can Cause Many Pain

Posture Disorders Can Cause Many Pain!

Expert Physiotherapist Gökhan Aygül gave information on the subject. It is the harmony and proper alignment of all body parts (head, trunk, arms and legs) during various activities such as standing, sitting, walking. Our entire body lineup is [more…]

Can our drinking habits hurt our teeth?

These Beverages Disrupt Dental Health

The President of the Global Dentistry Association, Dentist Zafer Kazak, gave information about the subject. Everything we eat and drink has an effect on your teeth. Some drinks can not only stain your teeth, but also soften tooth enamel. Buddha your teeth [more…]

The future of industry and robots was put on the table

Industry 4.0 and the Future of Robots Layed on the Table

Standing out with its advanced technology products in many sectors from home to space, Mitsubishi Electric participated in the "Technology-Industry-Digital Transformation 4.0" event organized by the Tax Inspectors Association. Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems Product Management and Marketing Unit Manager Tolga [more…]

ice laser prices

Şişli Ice Laser Prices

The process performed with technological laser devices to reduce or eliminate hairs in selected areas is called laser epilation. This process is done by setting laser epilation devices to the appropriate intensity and applying them on the hair follicles. Since the first day on the market [more…]

tianwen posted new photos showing marsin landforms
86 China

Tianwen-1 Sent New Photos Showing Mars' Landforms

The National Space Administration of China (CNSA) has released high-resolution images sent by the Mars probe Tianwen-1. In the statement made by the CNSA, it was reported that Tianwen-1 sent two black and white images and one color image. According to the description, the black-and-white images are high-resolution images in Tianwen-1. [more…]