China Puts Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Technology in First Place

Put Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Technology In The First Place
Put Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Technology In The First Place

China has identified the front lines of technology in its 5-year development plan. In the 14th Five-Year Development Plan announced within the scope of the Two Meetings, it was announced that the orientation in science and technology will be the mainstay of national development. Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang also announced that between 2021 and 2025, the Beijing administration will contribute more than 7 percent each year to research and development activities.

In the 14th Fifth Annual Development Plan prepared by Beijing management, artificial intelligence is determined as the first front in technology. According to the US-based CNBC website, China will focus specifically on the "open source algorithm" in the upcoming period. Open source technology often stands out as it is developed by an organization but licensed by other companies. Eric Schmit, former CEO of Google, admitted in recent years that the US could lose leadership in the field of artificial intelligence in which Chinese companies such as Alibaba and Baidu have invested.

Quantum technology is pointed out as the second category in the Five-Year Development category. This concept stands out as it serves a more ambitious goal, such as the production of new drugs, unlike the computers we use today.

A new page will open in semiconductors

The Chinese management, which has made great investments in the production of semiconductors in the past, signaled that it will continue to focus on this area for the next 5 years. Although Taiwan-based TSMC and South Korea's Samsung company are prominent in semiconductor chips, the dependence of these companies on the United States for key equipment requires China to focus more on the sector in question. After the Washington administration's sanctions, Taiwan-based TSMC was unable to sell chips to mainland China.

The fourth front that China will focus on over the next five years will be "brain sciences". Although the document does not contain a detailed description of the area in question, experts draw attention to similar investments by American billionaire Elon Musk in recent years. Musk's Neuralink company is working on chips that can communicate between computers and humans.

Explorations will continue in space and deep blue

The effects of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic also manifested themselves on the technology front of China's 14th Five-Year Development Plan. It was announced that the fifth and sixth fronts will be genetics, biotechnology and clinical medicines. According to the plan, China will continue to work on vaccines and will fight science against diseases such as cancer. Exploration in space and blue waters will continue to be China's priority until 2025. In the published document, it was underlined that China will continue to witness the changes the planet has undergone. China recently collected about a kilogram of samples from the moon, landed for the first time on the dark surface of the Moon, and made significant breakthroughs in the space mission by sending a reconnaissance vehicle to Mars.

Source: China International Radio

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