children affected by the pandemic

Children Affected by Pandemic!

Prof. Elif Erol said, “The main problem is that children cannot breathe in their compressed lives, which are focused on education rather than fear of covid.” Since the day it entered our lives in 2020, covid has caused quite a few changes in our lives. to the street [more…]

The secret of the glass cone has come to light

The Secret of Pine Cone Revealed

Istanbul University Molecular Medicine doctor Dr. Hande Karagedik has recently launched the food supplement syrup produced from maritime pine cones as a result of long studies. Combining herbs and modern medicine, Karagedik [more…]

Is it possible to weaken by staying hungry

Is it possible to lose weight by being hungry

Those who say I gained a lot of weight during the pandemic period, working from home didn't work for me, I want to eat something all the time, I can't wear my old clothes, attention I am aware, everyone is looking for an easy way to lose weight You are right. because actually [more…]

What is anger, why do we get angry?

What is Anger? Why Do We Get Angry?

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. Anger is a perfectly normal, generally healthy emotion. But when it gets out of control and starts to become destructive, it can cause some problems. [more…]

husni bridge is more secure now
20 Denizli

Hosni Bridge is Now Safer

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has built a safe and modern bridge by removing the wooden bridge on the Dalaman Stream, which is on the verge of collapse and has the risk of collapsing from time to time. 66 [more…]

audi rated the year
49 Germany

Audi Reaches 2020 Billion Euro Sales Revenue in 50

Audi continued its sustainable mobility transformation in an uninterrupted strength in the challenging 2020, which was spent in the shadow of the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, the number of deliveries and sales revenues decreased significantly in the first half of the year, [more…]

spring breeze on your skin

Spring Breeze on Your Skin

We want to enjoy spring to the fullest, but sometimes allergies don't allow it. Colds, redness of the eyes, burning and itching caused by pollen can poison the spring. Swedish beauty technology brand FOREO is on the skin in spring. [more…]

Pay attention to bags under the eyes

Attention to Bags Under Eye!

Medical Esthetician Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor drew attention to the importance of the eye area in the emergence of facial beauty. He gave information about the appropriate treatment methods for people with detention problems. People with detention bags [more…]

sangay carbon neutral to create pilot zone
86 China

Shanghai to Establish a Carbon-Neutral Pilot Zone

Shanghai's Chongming district aims to establish a worldwide carbon neutral ecological pilot zone within the next five years. Shanghai Ecology and Environment Department officials of the relevant district agree to start the implementation of the carbon neutrality initiative. [more…]